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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Skellige Smugglers’ Cache Max Profits + Secret Cache

Advice to make sure you don’t waste your time collecting all the smugglers’ cache loot at the wrong time leading to massive profit loss. Plus, an extra smuggler cache which is is not marked on the map.

When to loot and why

  • I highly recommend looting the smugglers cache when you start blood and wine’s quest of collecting Grand Master gear and need funds to craft them. All the smugglers cache loot are level based. Meaning if you loot them all at level 17 (The moment you access skellige) all the weapons, armour and enchantments you collect from them will be level 17 or slightly higher. By the time you start this quest you will be of a much higher level, so you will get much higher quality loot.
  • For reference your loot can be sold for the highest possible price in Toussaint. The blacksmiths there have the most cash and will buy your loot for the highest price. So if you collected them early on you can’t sell them for the best prices any time soon.
  • Keep in mind only at higher levels you get more weapons and armour which can be dismantled for Dimeritium. It is much cheaper to dismantle weapons and armour to get Dimeritium rather then buying straight from the merchant. You will need a lot of it for end game gear. Especially, Grand Master gear.
  • To conclude, loot only once you hit blood and wine and need to secure funds for grand master gear. Dismantle any weapons or armour that give Dimeritium and sell the rest.
  • Additional tip, you can dismantle the sea shells you get from killing all the enemies that guard the smugglers’ cache for pearls.

Secret unmarked smugglers’ cache

Here is the location of an additional smugglers’ cache circled in red. Must have been a developers oversight and forgot to add it a question mark in the map.

Skellige Smugglers' Cache Max Profits + Secret Cache

Written by Nazran

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