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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: The Bastion Walkthrough

The Bastion Walkthrough

The Bastion Quest Walkthrough – The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt (Kaer Morhen Side Quest)

Start Location: Approach the derelict keep built on the hill to the west of the Kaer moorhen fortress. Approaching it will unlock the quest.

Note: You’ll be unable to complete this quest unless you possess the The Magic Lamp given to you by Keira Metz during ‘Wandering in the Dark’.

Find the entrance/s to the keep and as you reach them you’ll be attacked by a group of 4-5 Wraiths who have taken up residence in the courtyard of the ruin. Kill them all off and then make sure you have your Magic Lamp equipped. In this area we’ll need to use the Magic Lamp to find Ghosts in and around the tower.

Ghosts appear almost like fireflies in the world so that you can spot their presence, they will only be properly revealed however once you shine the Magic Lamp on them. There are a couple of Ghosts we can find in the courtyard. They can be found in the following locations:

  1. Along the right hand wall after entering through the right hand gate.
  2. Along the left hand wall after entering through left hand gate (there is also a chest behind this containing some crafting designs (for me it contained Design: Assassin’s Gauntlets, Manuscript Page: Superior Maribor Forest, money and some other goodies).
  3. Inside the left hand archway at the opposite end of the courtyard from the entry.

Once you have inspected those three Ghosts, look just inside the left hand entrance to the keep to find a ladder leading up to the walls. Climb to the battlements here. Follow them back to the left and climb up to the tower here to find another Ghost.

Loot the body here for Boy’s Remains. Return to the courtyard below and you’ll see that the Wraiths have reappeared. Kill them all again and then make your way over to the objective marker on the western side of the keep (where we found one of the Ghosts earlier).

Interact with the location to complete the quest.

Note: For completing the quest you’ll earn 25XP.

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