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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: The Griffin and the Tavern Walkthrough

The Griffin and the Tavern Walkthrough

Some time later, Geralt and Vesemir will run across a merchant being harassed by a Griffin. The Witchers will succeed at chasing the beast off (although, not in depriving it of its meal) and Vesemir will be superficially wounded in the process. Afterwards, the maligned merchant will emerge from under his cart and offer to pay you for your good deed. If you demand payment, you’ll find yourself 50 Crowns richer. Afterwards, the merchant will overhear you talking, and refer you to the tavern in the village of White Orchard.

Objective Reward
For asking the merchant for a reward 50 Crowns

If you bother checking out your map you’ll note that you’ve traveled north-west from where you were before the cutscene, and you should continue west along the road from the “Ford” marked on your map. Vesemir and Geralt will discuss the Griffin’s odd hunting habits. Seems Witchers will gladly attribute any odd monster behavior to human activity. Keep riding east, cross “Woesong Bridge” to reach the village of White Orchard. Follow Vesemir to the tavern and he and Geralt will dismount and head inside.

Witness some tension in the tavern, after which Geralt and Vesemir will talk to the innkeeper. If you didn’t shakedown her cousin earlier, she’ll be thankful and give you four Roasted Chicken Legs. Keep talking to her to learn that there’s no contract for the Griffin yet. The Witchers might speculate on why the Griffin has chosen abnormal hunting habits, but the reason why there’s no bounty can fully be blamed on the war. Other than that, she sells some food and alcohol, and hasn’t seen Yennefer… although somebody else in the tavern may have.

Note: Merchants have a fixed amount of money on them at any given time. Fortunately, the entire economy of the world isn’t dependent upon our actions-if you meditate for a while, eventually the Merchants will replenish their money, and some of their wares.

Objective Reward
For not taking the merchant’s money earlier and talking to the innkeeper 4 Roasted Chicken Legs

Start out by talking to a pair of Peasants sitting north of where Vesemir roosts. They’re a pair of jack-asses, but if you use the Axii Sign on one of them, you’ll get the information you seek-Yennefer passed through here a few days ago. In quite a hurry.

Objective Reward
For using Axii to get the Peasant to talk 25 XP

Of course, it’s not the most reliable of information, so we might as well keep asking. Ignore the threesome playing cards east of the Innkeeper, and instead talk to Gaunter O’Dim further east. As far as tavern patrons go, he’s a rather swell chap, if a bit wearing on the patience. Play as nice as the dialogue options will allow and you’ll score some Nilfgaardian Lemon for free, as well as the information you seek. He not only knows Yennefer by her description, but he knows you, as well. Seems Dandelion’s tales travel far. The Peasants from before were right, but lacked sufficient information. The local Nilfgaardians might know more.

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