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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Woodland Beast Walkthrough

Woodland Beast Walkthrough

Continue along the road to the south-west until you find the quest marker east of the road. Veer off into the wilderness and slay a pair of Alghouls (level five) who fight much like Ghouls, save you’ll be repelled after you strike them. Use Igni, strong style, and dodge when necessary, then activate your Witcher Senses and search the wreckage. Examining the bodies and some crates suggests that this wasn’t the work of monsters.

Examine, then follow a trail to the south and the search area will shift to accomodate the tracks. Follow them south-west, over a road, and down to a river ford. Dispatch a half-dozen Drowners (level four) then follow the footprints on the opposite bank up a hill. A short distance later, Geralt will be spotted by some Scoia’tael, who are, as usual, suspicious of the motives of any human.

You have two options here-agree to surrender your weapons and go talk to the Scoia’tael leader, or you can pick a fight for challenging their genocidal actions or by pretending you’re out for a stroll. Humorless elves… If you do the latter, you’ll have to put down a group of Scoia’tael (level five) and their leader, Vernossiel (level nine). Even if you plan to pick a fight later, for now it’s best to agree to surrender your weapons and meet their leader.

Once you meet their leader, you again get the option to pick a fight (this time unarmed!) or agree to leave and forget what you saw here. For making the latter, wiser choice (in the Scoia’tael’s eyes at least) you’ll be given a reward. Perhaps an incentive for good behavior? You can now choose to return to the Captain and tattle on the Scoia’tael (which will earn you the pass, but not the coin) or you can, after agreeing to leave the Scoia’tael alone, simply murder them, loot their camp, and tell the Captain about your good deed, which earns you the full reward from both sides, and prompts the Captain to decide that the only way to pacify the nonhumans is by pouring gasoline on a fire… Either way, be sure to get your pass.

Objective Reward
For promising to leave the Scoia’tael alone Silk
Tracker’s Trousers
Wolf Hide x6
Allspice x2
For telling the Captain about the location of the Scoia’tael 25 XP
Letter of Safe Conduct
For telling the Captain you killed the Scoia’tael 25 XP
30 Crowns
Letter of Safe Conduct

Anyways, one way or another you now have a pass to get into Novigrad, so return to the guards, flash your new pass, and walk on past. This will work to get you into the Border Post island, as well as into Oxenfurt. While it’s a fine time to explore the map at your leisure, find signposts, play Gwent (most merchants will play you-innkepers will usually play, and they’ll sell cards), and shop, we won’t officially be exploring either two areas just yet. If you want to avoid accidently starting quests before you’re ready, make Oxenfurt your destination. It has the craftsmen you need without any surprise quests… or just reload if you get involved in something in Novigrad you don’t yet wish to deal with.

Objective Reward
For showing the guard your swanky new pass 75 XP

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