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Thea 2: The Shattering – How to Get Tier 4 Materials

A Guide on “How do you get Tier 4 materials and higher”.


It seem`s not everybody know how to get tier 4 materials and above, i was ask to write a little guide on how to get them and what you need.

Tier 4 materials (and higher) can`t be gathered, they can only be crafted. How do you do that? Let`s begin.

Where can i find the crafting option?

The crafting option for tier 4 materials and above, is not found in crafting, but under the “cooking” tab.

Go to cooking, and click on “New Task”.

In the upper left corner, you can see “Food” and “Materials” (see picture), this is where you can find your tier 4 materials. Of course, this option is blocked as long as you don’t have any advanced materials unlocked.

What you need and what you get

Now that you know where you can find them, it is time to know what you need and what you get out of it with different ressources.

Like every other crafting, you need materials. The materials you need, depends on what you want to craft. For this example we will use “Metal Composit” (the tier 4 metal).

As you can see, you need 35 metal as primary and 35 metal as secondary material. This means you can use ANY metal, even tier 1 iron (so low tier materials are still usefull later on).

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To craft the “Metal Compostit”, simply drag and drop your metal of choice (we start with iron) into the recipe.

Can you see the yellow line in the middle of the screen? That is the amount you get in the end.
Not very much right?

So let`s see how much we get with higher materials:

Tier 2 metal (Silver)

Tier 3 metal (Mithril)

As you can see, the higher the metal you use is, the more “Metal Composit” you get in the end. You can craft it with tier 4 metal, but that would be a big waste ;).

With the materials that used two different materials (like “Secret Alloy”, metal/stone) it works the same way. The biggest different is that you can choose from 2 ressource groups. For the “Secret Alloy” it is stone and metal. You can combine them in any way.

One thing you need to know about this is, that the lowest tier of mats as primary and secondary ingredient dont work anymore:

(only tier 1 sandstone):

You need at least one (primary or secondary) higher tier ingredient:

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