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Thea 2: The Shattering – The Gods

Since you can’t see what the gods give you until you have unlocked them I thought I would create a guide so people could easily see what gods might fit their play style before being investead in a profile (since you get a different pair of gods for each profile) if people discover the unlock requirement for a god and its not included please tell me so I can update the guide.

The Gods


Animal Senses: Each character gets +1 Gathering
Domains: Nature, Harmony, 3 Neutral
Unlock: Unknowen


Nocternal Predator: Your characters are stronger during night turns, but weaker during day turns
Domains: Nature, Magic, 3 Neutral
Unlock: Unknowen


Bright Mind: Each character gets +4 Mental Shielding
Domains: Intellect, Harmony, 3 Neutral
Unlock: Unknowen


Unshaken Faith: Each character gets +4 Spiritual Shielding
Domains: Magic, Intellect, 3 Neutral
Unlock: Unknowen


War Cry: Each Character gets +1 Wits
Domains: Magic, Turmoil, 3 Neutral
Unlock: Unknowen


Favourable Winds: +2 Movement Points when traveling on water
Domains: Light, Harmony, 3 Neutral
Unlock: Unknowen


Many Hammers, One Anvil: Each character gets +1 Gathering
Domains: Light, Turmoil, 3 Neutral
Unlock: Unknowen

Domain Cards

You start with 1 child, 1 warrior, a few resources; and then add god cards.
You get to choose your chosen one from any character in your party and select gender.
Theadore’s then gives you some food and fuel and the divine seed.

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  • Grann’y Pantry: Begin with a pack of food (free)
  • Basic Equipment: Start with one peice of basic equipment (free)
  • 20x Basic Supplies: you start with 20 basic supplies – food, fuel, or herbs (3)
  • 3x Basic Equipment: Start with three peice of basic equipment (3)
  • Basic Jewellery: Start with one basic piece of jewellery (3)
  • Basic Shield: Start with a basic shield (3)
  • Basic Robe: Start with a basic robe (3)


  • Add Character – Hunter: Adds a Hunter (free)
  • Add Character – Chlidren: adds 2 children (free)
  • Mithral Gaot: You start with a goat carrying sacks full of mithral (min 30) (3)
  • Four legged Friend: Being with a four legged Friend (3)

To be done

  • Add all god cards
  • Add the 2 missing gods
  • Find the unlock mechaincs
  • Try and give greater detial to effects of gods and cards
Written by Bluebunny13

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