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theHunter: Call of the Wild – Maintaining a High Population

How to maintain a high population. I have never written a guide but i want to share this with you guys.

Maintaining a High Population

This is not a guide to get fast money and xp. It is about choosing your targets wisely and keeping a healthy map.

Don’t shoot every animal you see. If you spot an animal try to find its need zone. If they are eating, drinking or resting you automatically add the need zone to the map. Go to the need zone and see how many animals are bound to this zone.

Never shoot all the animals from that need zone. And never shoot more than 2 in the same zone. Your hunting pressure will go up (the purple spot on your map) And the need zone will dissapear on high pressure.

If only one animal is bound to the zone, don’t shoot it, really. It is better to leave the zone alone. The amount of animals for one need zone is random, so the next time you log in it may have become a zone for 4 animals or more.

If you shoot all the animals bound to the need zone it will dissapear.

Try to focus on shooting only males for better xp, money and trophy’s, maybe even diamonds. Always ignore the females.

After a while, if you maintain your need zones (for example around a lake) you will see alot of groups and will easily get higher lvl male kills.

If you go in to multiplayer, you can discover your friends need zones and stack them with yours. They will also transfer to your single player map. And you can stack even more need zones.

The picture shows my cluster of need zones. It was only about 1 hour of work and i already see a huge increase of large groups of animals in that area.

Hope this helps, happy hunting!

Needzone Cluster

Written by Valtorde

2 thoughts on “theHunter: Call of the Wild – Maintaining a High Population”

  1. Thank you. This was very helpful. Every video tutorial said to shoot everything when you start out. By level 10 my map was looking bare. In fact there were ONLY bear and moose. I’ve started over now and hope to maintain a healthy population.

  2. You say go to the need zone and see how many animals are bound to this zone. If it changes every time you log in that’s saying you need to recheck all your zones to see if the bound numbers have changed from 1. Who has time for that? Seriously?


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