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theHunter Classic: Polar Bear Hunting Guide

So let me start off by saying i spent way to much time looking at bears for this so i hope you enjoy the info i can share. The way i gathered allot of this info has been simply amazing and i’m glad i feel there is enough to share.

Polar Bear Hunting Guide

Tip #1 – Male vs Female and how to hunt them.
Males are without a doubt in every way more dangerous. They run as far as i can tell faster, they are not always scared off by gunshots, and most importantly can swallow 2-3 rifle rounds before still mauling you. That .454 el toro you carry that you swear is undefeated. I promise you come across the wrong male and miss 1 shot and your in trouble.

Females are smaller, usually half the size. On the ice i see them do what i call “the feeding”. its rather unusual in the sense that they stand in one place for up to 2-3 mins and rotate and shuffle while in between ducking the head and almost sniffing the ice below them. Males have been seen doing the same. So if a bear youd like to shoot is standing still on the ice, Relax, don’t take a shot you don’t want. the bear will rotate and move into a spot for a good broadside double lung.

Tip #2 – Being attacked.
Males pose the biggest threat and the solution to not dying lies in this one simple trick. NEVER SHOOT THEM IN THE HEAD.

Do not for any reason shoot a male in the head. No rifle from the 340 to the 7-08mm has the power to drop a bear with a headshot. it doesn’t work anymore. Instead aim above the head and into the back. a good spine or stomach shot or 2 should save you. Before a charge the bear will do what i call a “buckle”. Its where they jump back and forth on all fours while roaring at you from about 30m. Take one good shot in that moment and try an make it count. more then once a well places lung shot will drop the bear as little as 2m infront of me if my other shots don’t work.

Don’t shoot the head, try an shoot as early as possible. Females 9/10 will turn tail and run after the first shot.

Tip #3
Polar bears are still more common of the ice. the spawn more often there and the reason you may disagree or not want to hunt on ground is because its hard to see. So this is your toss up, Ice= Distance, safety, but slow hunts. Land, Slow but when you spook one 30m in front of you, your heart is gonna start pumping. Tracking is usually the way you find bears on land since spoting is harder.

Tip #4
When ice hunting use your glass. They are damn near impossible to see 200m out on the ice with the naked eye. Check every inch over with a bino.

Tip #5
Don’t shoot them in the water, cant harvest them unless you can drop down right on top. Pick your shot and don’t shoot if theres a chance shel swim and you lose the harvest.

Tip #6
If your going to broadside shot the bear shoot just above the front legs, you want a double lung. If you want to bow hunt thats fine but shoot from 40m. Getting any closer is a wild game and if your not careful even with females they may just maul you.

Written by maxrulesbooya

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