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They Can’t Stop All Of Us: Guide to Defenders

My personal guide to defenders. This is based on pre-update so I may eventually update it to include the new DLC, which is really cool btw Blake! I do feel the WW2 units are not as good as Area 51 but that’s based on one play as attacker so idk. This likely has flaws and missing info so feel free to yell at me :).

A few basics first. As a defender, it is your job to keep the core alive by the end of a 20 minute timer. You have two weapons, your main and a pistol. The pistol is rarely used as it has little use compared to your main. You can also build defenses which are described below. The attacker will throw everything they can at you, often in multiple directions so be prepared. In my opinion, you are your own wall when needed. Your life is less important than the core’s!


  • Rifleman – The base class. No special aspect to them with medium damage per shot and 30 shots per clip.Largely considered the weakest class.
  • Sniper – A specialized class to kill higher health enemies. They deal high damage per shot and 5 shots per clip. Attack speed is slow and while considered a weak class, every round should have at least one Sniper
  • Field Support – A currently basic class but stronger than Rifleman. No special aspect to them with medium damage per shot and 50 shots per clip.
  • Heavy Gunner – A specialized class to kill large groups of weak enemies. They deal low damage per shot but have 200 shots per clip. Largely considered the strongest class.

Building Defenses

Defenses are your friend! Hold “Tab” as the default button to enter the build menu. “Q” and “E” rotate your selected build to better place it for defense.

  • Sandbags – The weakest defense but works in a pinch. It is a wall with low hit points and can withstand few attackers for long. Effective for enemies up to Karen’s in small numbers. Cost 30
  • Stone Wall – The standard defense to hold enemies back. It is a wall with high hit points and can withstand weak attackers for an extended time. Effective for enemies up to Florida Man’s in small numbers. Cost 50
  • Flamethrower – Weaker and easy to kill turret with short range. Useful for killing groups of weak enemies. Best placed near front line of defense. Cost 100
  • Double Chain Turret – Best in buildable defenses. Strong damage, good attack speed and difficult to destroy. Good against all enemies except Swedish Youtuber. Best placed near middle or rear of defenses. Cost 300.

Enemies and Money Gained

  • Anime Runner – Weak and fast unit. Most basic unit and seen in large numbers. Resources per kill, +5
  • Kyle – Slightly harder to kill than Anime Runner but slower. Medium damage. Often seen in large numbers around 10 minutes. Resources per kill, +9
  • Elite Anime Runner – Ranged fast unit. Medium life and damage and often seen around 5 minutes. Resources per kill, +12
  • Karen – Slow and strong unit with medium/high life. Rarely seen since it’s too slow with ease of death. Resources per kill, +16
  • Florida Man – Ranged medium speed unit. Medium/high life. Often seen in large numbers around 13-16 minutes. Resources per kill, +19
  • Mega Kyle – Large slow unit with high damage and life. Mega Kyle is the battering ram of the units. Resources per kill, +22
  • Swedish Youtuber – Large medium/slow unit with high life and damage. The overall nastiest unit to go against. It will destroy all your defenses in large numbers. Resources per kill, +25.

A Few Tips From Me

Keep your defenses tight and in the best placement possible. Keep walls in the paths of enemies and turrets safe.

If an enemy is stuck on top of a wall, get adjacent to them while firing. This helps hit them as from far away 90% of your shots will miss it.

Chain turrets have a further range than you can see. When they start firing, follow the bullet’s direction to determine where the enemies are to shoot back.

Always go for multiple layers of stone walls after the 10 minute mark. 2-4 layers at the main point of attack will hold off most waves while you and your turrets mow them down.

If your walls are broken and you want to keep your chain turrets alive, act as a wall or peel the enemies away.

Peeling is effective when you have space. Enemies will go after the nearest target, be it defenses, core, or you. If you have a large group of, for example, Mega Kyles headed for your core, you can get near them so they target you and run circles around them. This keeps the group in a constant circle towards you while you shoot them down. It is risky, as there will be large numbers trying to kill you but it can keep waves away from the core.

Work together! Your fellow defenders are working towards the same goal and if you use your resources wisely, you can all build a great defense.

Support Blake, he has brought us a fun and meme filled game that is amazing in its simplicity. If you have the money to spare, please purchase the Supporters Edition or DLC. It’s only a few bucks and goes a long way towards keeping the game moving forward!

Written by 15er

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