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Thief Simulator – Console Commands (Cheats)

Here all the list of Thief Simulator console commands. While playing the game, press Tilde ~ (the key above TAB) to display the console window.

Thief Simulator – Console Commands

  • freemoney – gives money.
  • freexp – gives experience.
  • freeexp – gives experience.
  • cleararch – removes achievements.
  • ghost – makes you invisible to people and police.
  • allskills
  • iknowall
  • thieftools
  • stealpickupold
  • stealpickupnew
  • stealasian
  • clearitems
  • nighttime
  • noontime
  • daytime
  • eveningtime
  • notparanoid
  • human
  • 1star
  • 2star
  • solazy

Note #1: For those confused with steam you right click the game in your steam library. click properties. Select Launch Options button and type in the -console – developer there. cheers!

Note #2: Make sure you are completely loaded into the game and your save profile to see the console pop up.

There are all the list of Thief Simulator console commands. If there is missing or incorrect console commands, please let us know.

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12 thoughts on “Thief Simulator – Console Commands (Cheats)”

  1. Since this info wasn’t already added
    human – makes you visible to people and police.
    allskills – unlocks all skills.
    iknowall – unlocks all routines.
    thieftools – gives all thief tools.
    nighttime – makes it 12:00 am.
    daytime – makes it 8:00 am.
    noontime – makes it 12:00 pm.
    eveningtime – makes it 6:00 pm.
    1star – decreases/increases stars to 1, decrease is buggy and can result in a cop remaining and if they are in sight of you car will arrest you no matter what once you enter your car.
    2star – increase stars to 2.
    solazy – auto complete current objective.


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