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Thief Simulator Keyboard Controls

Become the real thief. Steal in free roam sandbox neighborhoods. Observe your target and gather information that will help you with the burglary. Take the challenge and rob the best secured houses. Buy some hi-tech burglar equipment and learn new thief tricks. Sell stolen goods to the passers. Do anything that a real thief does!

Keyboard Controls

Mouse and Keyboard controls for the PC version of Thief Simulator are as follows:

  • Mouse Wheel – Next / Previous Tool
  • Right Mouse Buttton – Use Tool – secondary function
  • Left Mouse Button – Use Tool
  • Middle Mouse Button – Mark Target
  • W, A, S, D – Movement
  • Tab – Switch / Quick selection
  • Left Shift – Sprint
  • C- Sneak
  • F – Flashlight
  • E – Interact
  • T – Tips Menu
  • R – Night-vision Googles
  • J – Journal
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