This Is the Police 2 – Emil Pederson & Peter Knudson Interrogation

this is the police 2

You only get one chance to question a suspect. If you don’t crack them, then you will need to torture the info out of them mid game.

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Emil Pederson

The hooded.

  • You Really going to help women….
  • You’re right, I dont even recognize…
  • Sounds good to me! Tell me where to stay away from…

Peter Knudson

The medical midget.

  • I’ve seen your name in movie credits…
  • The right vessel?….
  • Is it hard to choose your vessels?

Horace Wayne

The car wash kidnapper.

  • Nice outfit! You dress just like….
  • So what do they have you reading?….
  • I didn’t know everything was so strict there….

Nick Derrick

  • You know how to handle a syringe…
  • Not all your brothers are strong as you…
  • You talk a lot about faith…

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