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This Is the Police 2 – Guide to Investigations

The mystrey of the black box

The first investigation to destroy the Woodsmen gang.

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Who committed the crime: The man in the hoodie.

Sequence (ignoring the first and last photos):

  • The man in a hoodie goes inside through the back door.
  • The suspect breaks the archive door using a wooden stake.
  • He examines all the boxes in which old cases are located.
  • The man throws some of the fresh cases out of the boxes.
  • He leaves the archive with a half-empty box.

Interrogation of the criminal:

  • Find out if he was really going to help former women criminals, whose files he stole from the archive.
  • Agree with him. Saying that things are going badly in Sharpwood.
  • Emphasize that their gang is doing a noble job, so you need to know where exactly the police should not go.

The Secret of the Forbidden Flesh

  • Bob Finnegan and Ruth Finnegan quarrel over vegetable soup.
  • Ruth Finnegan approaches Bob Finnegan with a kitchen knife in her hand.
  • Ruth Finnegan cuts Bob Finnegan’s throat with a knife.
  • Ruth Finnegan carves up Bob Finnegan’s corpse in the tub with a cleaver.
  • Ruth Finnegan enters Northstar Grocery Store carrying a garbage bag.

Ruth Finnegan

Bob Finnegan’s wife. She killed her husband to escape her unhappy marriage. The last straw was his criticism of her soup. Ruth decided to kill her husband and make it look as though the maniac known as “The Wrestler” did it.

The Secret of the Pink Chewing Gum

  • Schoolboy Tommy Moore and his friends are sitting on the floor and watching a movie.
  • Tommy Moore goes with his backpack to the toilet.
  • Tommy Moore quietly sneaks out of the toilet.
  • Tommy Moore puts the video player in his backpack.
  • Tommy Moore, along with the other boys, leave Elmer’s house.

Tommy Moore

Schoolboy. He stole the video player because his family is poor, and he envied Eric and his wealthy parents.

The riddle of the purloined data

The second investigation to destroy the Woodsmen gang.

Who committed the crime: The owner of the convertible.

Sequence (ignoring the first and last photos):

  • A convertible approaches the rear entrance of the hospital.
  • The driver climbs inside the building through the bars on the window.
  • He takes the computer outside.
  • The suspect puts the computer in his car.
  • He leaves the crime scene by car.

Interrogation of the criminal:

  • Ask why the man did not stay to work as a stuntman.
  • Find out what he means by saying ‘’suitable vessels’’.
  • Ask him how difficult is it to choose the ideal candidates. Perhaps he notices them from the first sight.

Night Terrors on the Ward

So far, I’ve sent Dan Brom, the patient to court. If he’s guilty, I’ll keep this as it is.

Got it wrong twice. Turned out to be the nurse.

Secret of the Heaping Pile

I’ll be replaying the game over and over to replicate the rest of the guide to be like the section. I’ll update the guide as I figure out the frames.

  • Funeral home director throws a piece of brick through the morgue window
  • Funeral home director climbs into the broken window
  • Funeral home director drags the generator to the morgue exit
  • Funeral home director puts the generator in a hearse
  • The hearse leaves

The Mysterious Murder of Britt Carter

  • An armed man in a red tie orders Britt Carter into the van
  • A man in a red tie beats and kicks Britt Carter
  • Britt Carter and a man in a red tie exit the van
  • Britt Carter swings his cane at a man in a red tie, but gets himself punched in the face
  • Britt Carter stands with the noose around his neck, praying

Bertalan Southgate

A member of the Necktie gang. He killed Britt Carter under his bosses’ orders. Carter was a serious threat to their operation.

The Mystery of the Evening Jog

I chose to send the gray-haired old guy to court. I chose wrong. Chose the other guy.

The Riddle of the Rusty Nail

  • The envious neighbor climbs over the fence near the chicken coop.
  • The envious neighbor opens the latch on the door of the coop.
  • The envious neighbor grabs a black chicken by its legs.
  • Bill Buckler, with a hunting gun, takes aim at the coop.
  • The envious neighbor runs away under Bill Buckler’s gunfire.

Midas Falcao

He was envious of Bill Buckler’s rare black chicken. So much so that he couldn’t stand it any more and decided to steal it for himself

The mystery of the evening job

The first investigation to destroy the Spinach Berserks gang.

Who committed the crime: Long-haired guy.

Sequence (ignoring the first and last photos):

  • A guy with long hair sneaks behind Eli.
  • Eli notices him and tries to run away.
  • The offender trips Eli.
  • The guy punches victim’s face with his fist.
  • The long-haired guy pisses on the corpse of Eli.

Interrogation of the criminal:

  • Ask if the guy really runs very fast.
  • Find out whether the drug sale was the reason he killed Eli.
  • Choose the phrase about a ‘’recently started war’’.

The Secret of the Sole Surviving Bottle

  • A pickup flies through the front window of the store.
  • A female teetotaler exits the pickup there.
  • A female teetotaler with a bat is smashing the bottles on the shelves.
  • A female teetotaler pours a bottle of Armagnac on the sales clerk.
  • The pickup truck leaves.

Beatrice Savatier

Member of the Spinach Beserks gang. She wrecked the liquor store under orders from the gang.

The Mystery of the Missing Corpse

  • The troublemaker opens the door to the morgue with a key.
  • The troublemaker opens the freezer where Alan Cross’ body is being kept.
  • The troublemaker rolls Alan Cross’ body out on a morgue gurney.
  • The troublemaker puts the body of Alan Cross in the back seat of her sedan.
  • The sedan leaves.

Michelle Munson

The late Alan Cross’ mistress. She stole the keys from the pathologist, made a plasticine mold, threw the keys under the table and made duplicate key from the cast. Then she opened the mortuary door with her key and stole Alan Cross’ body, she she could bury her beloved by herself, without involving his hated family.

The Riddle of the Wasted Cigarettes

  • A fire truck is catching up with the cargo truck.
  • The fire truck pushes the cargo truck off the road.
  • A man emerges from the fire truck and readies a hose.
  • A man blasts the cartons of cigarettes with the fire hose.
  • Fire truck pulls away from the crime scene.

Robert Gupta

A fireman, and member of the Spinach Berserks gang. He attacked the cigarette truck under instructions from the gang.

Robert Gupta’s Interrogation

  • I hope you realize you have more problems than just getting arrested. That cargo that you destroyed belonged to Colonel Henderson.
  • Yes, you’re a busy bunch. First a small-time drug dealer, then a liquor store, now a cigarette truck. What’s next, you going to raise the stakes?
  • So you’re saying you’re going to make people suffer thier weaknesses?

The Secret of the Burning Barrel

  • Farmer approaches the shed on his tractor
  • The farmer locks the door with the bolt
  • The farmer pours gasoline over the shed
  • The farmer lights a Molotov cocktail
  • The farmer throws a Molotov cocktail at the side of the shed

Niklas Barrett

Member of the Spinacho Berserks gang. Burned down a shed to deal with the homeless, under orders from his gang.


  • I hear you like to lift iron at the abandoned railway station. What, you don’t have the money to afford normal dumbbells?
  • So you like extreme situations… Where do you think that comes from? From serving in the army? Did they teach you how to make Molotov cocktails?
  • That’s why you burned those homeless folks at the dumb, right? Defended nomral life from vice and corruption, by killing those who don’t live right?

Bloody Dominos

  • A jeep drives into the park.
  • A man in a jeep unpacks a machine gun.
  • The old men turn over the table to hide from the man in the jeep’s gunfire.
  • A man in a jeep fires at an inverted table, behind which the old men are hiding.
  • A man in a jeep fires a grenade into the elderly’s hiding place.

Edwin McPhee

Head of the Spinach Berserks gang.

The Curse of the Family Portrait

  • Lionel Cripps takes a long-focus lens off his camera.
  • Lionel Cripps goes to the car with a lens in his hand.
  • Lionel Cripps bends down to get something from the back seat of his car.
  • Lionel Cripps takes out a white long-focus lense.
  • A man with a rifle aims right at Lionel Cripps’ face.

Vik Duvall

Sharpwood Sheriff Department’s sniper and photographer. He killed Lionel KCripps taking all of Vic’s clients.

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