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This Is the Police 2 – Officer Equipment and Skills

Officer Equipment

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Taser pistol – Not as overpowered as it was in the previous game. After buying them and some single-use cartriges, it’s almost too expensive to be worth it. It does remain a highly potent tool. They can silently disable criminals for extended periods during raids, and are more accurate than pistols at medium range. On regular calls you instantly resolve the mission, and it will be a win for you as long as the criminal doesn’t have his finger on a trigger.

Stun grenade / flashbang – The flashbang is an expensive explosive device designed to shock and disorient criminals. Be sure to have a lot of these on hand. On everyday calls they will save a lot of lives and bring in a lot of arrests. During assaults they can disable entire rooms of criminals for lengthy periods of time. The drawback is the price and the fact that explosives tend to be single use only.

Nightstick / baton / billyclub – A simple tool used to beat criminals upside the head and athletes on the knees. Make sure your strong officers have these to bludgeon criminals resisting arrest into submission. They are your best tool for quietly taking down criminals alive during assaults. Because of the low cost, high effectiveness and reusability (think of the environment- and all the nature-worshiping pagans you can club) the nightstick is probably the best piece of equipment you can get your officers.

Pepperspray – Very effective one-shot way to disable criminals on calls. Using it during a raid requires close range, but rewards you with a decent window to arrest the criminal.

Shocker / taser / stun gun – Violently electrocutes criminals at close range. This thing is probably the worst piece of equipment available. Like the taser pistol, it disables criminals for extended peiods of time. However, it requires you to be in arm’s reach of the criminal, and is worthless on assaults because it’s single-use only. If the criminal is old, he dies immediately, and you get fewer can tabs to buy stupid shockers with.

Officer Skills

Officers are upgradeable with skills. Some come with lots of skill points, most have to gain them through experience and training. These skills improve their ability to perform on the job and complete favors. It also defines what special skills or perks they can be equiped with on an assault mission. Early-game, build specialists for favor missions and everyday calls. In the late-game you will need many officers with max stats in most or all categories. All of these skills can be trained (for a price) after completing the necessary friend mission.

Intelllligence: Smartness keeps officers from hurting themselves with their own equipment. An entelligent officer will complete investigations faster, identify traps during assaults and defuse bombs(important skill to have). Use them as detectives, and have an officer with high intellijence on every call and assault.

Strength: This determines who will win in a fight or wrestling match. An officer with high strength will succeed in making an arrest while restraining criminals, tackling criminals or stunning them with batons. Strength also enables officers to climb things. An officer with maxed strength can carry other officers, arrested criminals and loot more easily during assaults.

Shooting: A fundamental skill of all military and paramilitary forces. An officer with proficiency in firearms useage will shoot on target. Train this skill to kill criminals when lives are on the line and use tasers effectively. This skill unlocks the ambush ability for assaults, allowing you to shoot down criminals during the enemy’s turn. They also can use cover better and fire more accurately. Perhaps the best perk of this skill is ‘Lucky Shot,’ allowing your officer to take a second shot at a criminal if his first misses without burning an action point. Do not combine this ability with the silencer!

Speed: An officer’s speed determines success while chasing criminals. They can also shoot faster during assaults. It’s not as important as other skills, since your bullets and tasers run faster. A fast officer can move additional spaces on his move during assaults.

Stealth: This is an EXTREMELY valuable skill. Many missions can be resolved instantly by a stealthy officer sneaking up on criminals and taking them by suprise. It is also your most important skill to have during assaults. Stealth level three unlocks the ‘Ninja’ skill, allowing your officers to have three moves during the assault as long as the criminals haven’t raised the alarm. To aid this, stealth also unlocks the silencer, so an officer can fire one shot without raising the alarm. The silencer is only good for ONE shot. Use wisely.

Negotiation: An officer’s ability to talk people down, persuade and order surrenders is a valuable skill to have on calls. On an assault, it is useful for interrogating arrested criminals, buying time before the bomb goes off and arresting wounded criminals from a distance. Keep officers with high negotiation handy during the day, but they aren’t necessary for most assaults.

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