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This Is the Police 2 – Spinach Berserks Gang Interrogation

The mystery of the evening job

The first investigation to destroy the Spinach Berserks gang.

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Who committed the crime: Long-haired guy.

Sequence (ignoring the first and last photos):

  • A guy with long hair sneaks behind Eli.
  • Eli notices him and tries to run away.
  • The offender trips Eli.
  • The guy punches victim’s face with his fist.
  • The long-haired guy pisses on the corpse of Eli.

Interrogation of the criminal:

  • Ask if the guy really runs very fast.
  • Find out whether the drug sale was the reason he killed Eli.
  • Choose the phrase about a ‘’recently started war’’.

The Secret of the Sole Surviving Bottle

  • A pickup flies through the front window of the store.
  • A female teetotaler exits the pickup there.
  • A female teetotaler with a bat is smashing the bottles on the shelves.
  • A female teetotaler pours a bottle of Armagnac on the sales clerk.
  • The pickup truck leaves.

Beatrice Savatier

Member of the Spinach Berserks gang. She wrecked the liquor store under orders from the gang.

The Riddle of the Wasted Cigarettes

  • A fire truck is catching up with the cargo truck.
  • The fire truck pushes the cargo truck off the road.
  • A man emerges from the fire truck and readies a hose.
  • A man blasts the cartons of cigarettes with the fire hose.
  • Fire truck pulls away from the crime scene.

Robert Gupta

A fireman, and member of the Spinach Berserks gang. He attacked the cigarette truck under instructions from the gang.

Robert Gupta’s Interrogation

  • I hope you realize you have more problems than just getting arrested. That cargo that you destroyed belonged to Colonel Henderson.
  • Yes, you’re a busy bunch. First a small-time drug dealer, then a liquor store, now a cigarette truck. What’s next, you going to raise the stakes?
  • So you’re saying you’re going to make people suffer thier weaknesses?

The Secret of the Burning Barrel

  • Farmer approaches the shed on his tractor
  • The farmer locks the door with the bolt
  • The farmer pours gasoline over the shed
  • The farmer lights a Molotov cocktail
  • The farmer throws a Molotov cocktail at the side of the shed

Niklas Barrett

Member of the Spinacho Berserks gang. Burned down a shed to deal with the homeless, under orders from his gang.


  • I hear you like to lift iron at the abandoned railway station. What, you don’t have the money to afford normal dumbbells?
  • So you like extreme situations… Where do you think that comes from? From serving in the army? Did they teach you how to make Molotov cocktails?
  • That’s why you burned those homeless folks at the dumb, right? Defended nomral life from vice and corruption, by killing those who don’t live right?

The victims of the bloody domino

The fifth and the last investigation to destroy the Spinach Berserks gang.

Who committed the crime: The man in a truck.

Sequence (ignoring the first and last photos):

  • Jeep approaches the park.
  • The man uncovers a machine gun on the jeep.
  • Elders flip the table to hide.
  • The man shoots the table.
  • The shoots the table with a grenade launcher and kills them.

The assault of Edwin McFee’s lair

This is when the assault starts. After arresting Edwin, the assault will automatically end regardless of the alarm status, as in the case of Margaret. Please note that you will not have enough time to carry the wounded McFee to the police car.

Your best bet here is to move by the left side, deal with the only enemy there, and then approach a couple of rooms, which can be reached through the window or the doors. There will be four enemies; you should kill all of them. The fifth opponent enters the lower room from the central one. Afterwards, it will be easy for you to reach the upper room, where McFee hides with another thug. Disarm and arrest them to complete the gang war.

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