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This Is the Police 2 – The curse of the family portrait

The curse of the family portrait

Routine, but very important, investigation. You have two suspects, but the man with a rifle is to blame. He turns out to be Duvall, your sniper. If you accuse him, you do the right thing, but lose the opportunity to use a sniper. If you blame the other, you will have to bribe the judge to put him away. Alternatively, you can refuse to do the investigation in the first place.

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Who committed the crime: Man with a rifle.

  • Lionel Cripps takes a long-focus lens off his camera.
  • Lionel Cripps goes to the car with a lens in his hand.
  • Lionel Cripps bends down to get something from the back seat of his car.
  • Lionel Cripps takes out a white long-focus lense.
  • A man with a rifle aims right at Lionel Cripps’ face.

Vik Duvall

Sharpwood Sheriff Department’s sniper and photographer. He killed Lionel KCripps taking all of Vic’s clients.

If you want to blame another suspect, then instead of a white-colored lens, the man takes the camera flash from the car, and at the end, the suspect points a pistol to his face.

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