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This Is the Police 2 – The Mystery of the Black Box

The mystrey of the black box

The first investigation to destroy the Woodsmen gang.

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Who committed the crime: The man in the hoodie.

Sequence (ignoring the first and last photos):

  • The man in a hoodie goes inside through the back door.
  • The suspect breaks the archive door using a wooden stake.
  • He examines all the boxes in which old cases are located.
  • The man throws some of the fresh cases out of the boxes.
  • He leaves the archive with a half-empty box.

Interrogation of the criminal:

  • Find out if he was really going to help former women criminals, whose files he stole from the archive.
  • Agree with him. Saying that things are going badly in Sharpwood.
  • Emphasize that their gang is doing a noble job, so you need to know where exactly the police should not go.
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