This Is the Police 2 – The Mystery of the Missing Corpse

this is the police 2

The Mystery of the Missing Corpse

  • The troublemaker opens the door to the morgue with a key.
  • The troublemaker opens the freezer where Alan Cross’ body is being kept.
  • The troublemaker rolls Alan Cross’ body out on a morgue gurney.
  • The troublemaker puts the body of Alan Cross in the back seat of her sedan.
  • The sedan leaves.

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Michelle Munson

The late Alan Cross’ mistress. She stole the keys from the pathologist, made a plasticine mold, threw the keys under the table and made duplicate key from the cast. Then she opened the mortuary door with her key and stole Alan Cross’ body, she she could bury her beloved by herself, without involving his hated family.

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