This Is the Police 2 – The Riddle of the Wasted Cigarettes

this is the police 2

The Riddle of the Wasted Cigarettes

The third investigation to destroy the Spinach Berserks gang.

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Who committed the crime: The man with a firehose.

  • A fire truck is catching up with the cargo truck.
  • The fire truck pushes the cargo truck off the road.
  • A man emerges from the fire truck and readies a hose.
  • A man blasts the cartons of cigarettes with the fire hose.
  • Fire truck pulls away from the crime scene.

Robert Gupta

A fireman, and member of the Spinach Berserks gang. He attacked the cigarette truck under instructions from the gang.

Robert Gupta’s Interrogation

  • I hope you realize you have more problems than just getting arrested. That cargo that you destroyed belonged to Colonel Henderson.
  • Yes, you’re a busy bunch. First a small-time drug dealer, then a liquor store, now a cigarette truck. What’s next, you going to raise the stakes?
  • So you’re saying you’re going to make people suffer thier weaknesses?

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