This Is the Police 2 – The Secret of the Forbidden Flesh

this is the police 2

The Secret of the Forbidden Flesh

This investigation is given to you as a training. All of the shots will be available immediately. Carefully go through the evidence, review the footage and draw conclusions.

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Who committed the crime: Victim’s wife.

  • Bob Finnegan and Ruth Finnegan quarrel over vegetable soup.
  • Ruth Finnegan approaches Bob Finnegan with a kitchen knife in her hand.
  • Ruth Finnegan cuts Bob Finnegan’s throat with a knife.
  • Ruth Finnegan carves up Bob Finnegan’s corpse in the tub with a cleaver.
  • Ruth Finnegan enters Northstar Grocery Store carrying a garbage bag.

Ruth Finnegan

Bob Finnegan’s wife. She killed her husband to escape her unhappy marriage. The last straw was his criticism of her soup. Ruth decided to kill her husband and make it look as though the maniac known as “The Wrestler” did it.

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