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Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales – A Bitter Return Walkthrough

A Bitter Return

In Chapter 1, after signing important documents, Queen Meve returns to her land (Hawkesburn) to face the bandits’ invasion. This is a training chapter, so it’s not that difficult to complete it. First, read a tutorial.

We’ll start our guide with the description of three main resources: gold, wood and recruits. They’re displayed in the top right corner of a game screen.

Tip: Don’t think too much when choosing a difficulty mode—you can always pause the game, go to settings and change the mode.

You will travel around the isometric overworld: it has a top view and mouse controls. Left-click or hold to give the instructions to Meve and travel around the map. By the way, you can’t move around the game screen using your mouse or arrow and WSAD keys: the screen always has Meve in its center.

Go down the road and you’ll come to Miller’s Bend where you’ll find a blue flag. Hover over it, and the flag will make a ‘’cross’’ shape. It means that the object you look at is interactive. You need to move closer to it, and a mouse icon with a highlighted left button appears, so you can perform some actions on this object. Come to the flag, right-click and hold to get new recruits. You will actually collect them in the environment, along with gold and wood.

Explore the area, talk with the woman who has a conversation with a man. After two or three interactions, she’ll draw you a treasure map.

Collect all resources in the village and go to the right where you’ll find fir trees and a little hut, on the north-east of a fenced farm field. There is that map location near it. Get closer, and a white digger icon appears. Interact, open the chest and get 260 gold. You’ll also unlock a new trophy — the Reynard Odo card which you can later use in a multiplayer card game.

Go upwards and you’ll see a log. Now you have to make your first choice: you either have the loggers sort the matter (this will cost you 25 gold and 50 wood) or have the soldiers do so (this will cost you 1 recruit and 25 wood). Go upwards, and your first card battle starts.

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