Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales – Keep Going Walkthrough

Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales Guide

Keep Going

Now let’s go north from Wildapel. You’ll find a temple to Mother Melitele with some priestesses standing next to it. They will tell you about the bandits who have devastated the shrine. Go right to find the wagons traces. You’ll also find a hole in the fence if you go upwards. Get to the temple to Mother Melitele though this hole. You’ll see a tree and a statue in the center of the area. Leave an offering by spending 250 gold in order to get the card fragment and increase the level of morale.

Exit the shrine and go upwards through the broken gates. Do you remember those locked gates? If you now turn right and go down along the river, you’ll have to decide whether you ignore people’s corpses or spend 50 gold to bury them and increase the level of morale. More than that, you’ll get beyond the gates and see the dragon near the priestesses. It’s not that easy to fight with the dragon, so we recommend you to postpone this battle.

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