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Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales – Wildapel Rushing Waters Puzzle Walkthrough

Wildapel Rushing Waters Puzzle

You should eliminate all Drowners during just one round. It’s important to make use of their ability: each turn, the opponent changes the rows of cards. If a unit with an even power (for example, with ‘’4’’) goes down from the ranged row, it damages all units on your enemy’s row by 2. But if the unit’s power is odd, it can’t attack the enemy.

Your task is to destroy the cards before the end of the turn and not losing any of yours. Here is the right sequence:

  1. Lyrian Arbalest. Attack one of the two upper row cards to reduce the number of power points to 3.
  2. Crushing Trap on the three upper row cards with 3/4/4 power points. This card averages the unit’s power rounding it to the nearest smallest number. As a result, the total unit’s power on that row is 3+4+4=11. 11 divided by 3 is a number less than 4, so each card’s power is 3, and they can’t attack you.
  3. Use Decoy card to get Lyrian Arbalest card back into your deck.
  4. Draw Wagenburg card and finish your turn.
  5. Put War Wagon card on the same row. It will spawn two Light Infantry guys. So you’ll add three more cards to the row and gain three armors. Then you should use Wagenburg card to damage the enemies’ cards by 3 (which is equal to your armor). Since there are all four Drowners on the row, you’ll be able to destroy three of them (who have 3 power points). There will be one left with 1 power point.
  6. You can kill him with Lyrian Arbalest card.

After winning, you can investigate the bodies and find some resources and a treasure map (in the letter).

The treasure is buried in a field between two sheaves. This place is situated right to the left of the battlefield. There are no plants on this field—just two sheaves on the left side. Come closer to them and you’ll see a spot where you can dig. Open the chest and you’ll get 240 gold and a new card that can be used in the GWENT multiplayer card game.

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