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Thronefall Building and Upgrade Tips

Thronefall Building and Upgrade Tips

General tips about what to BUILD, what UPGRADES to select, and what WEAPONS to give your troops.

Upgrading your main base

You can upgrade your base 2 times for 7, 20 coins each.
Each upgrades has specific abilities to choose. These below are what I recommend.

7 coins

  • Builder Guild – generally good, this upgrades 1 house every night for free
  • Godly Curse – only when you’re holding a bow, and when there’s a boss fight(frostsee)

*When you choose builders guild, have it upgrade 4~5 houses. Upgrade the rest by yourself. No need to wait until it upgrades all of the houses.

20 coins

  • Commander – for healing effects and speed
  • Castle-Up – only use on frostsee, discount on tower upgrades

*When you choose Castle-Up, build towers early so that it discounts the most (-1 coin every night). But only the towers you’re gonna use (I’ll explain it afterwards).

What to build first

There are two types of buildings in thronefall.

  • Economy – Houses, Mines, Farms, Harbors
  • Defense – Towers, Wall, Barracks

The general idea when choosing what to build is this:

  • “Economy first, but only when you can defend it perfectly.”

By defending it perfectly, it means not losing any buildings that gives you coins.
If you can’t protect it, don’t build it in the first place.
Save it for the next day, or just build something else instead.

Houses >=Mines > Farms, Harbors

  • Build Houses and Mines first.
  • There is a perk that lets level 2 Houses shoot arrows, which in my opinion is OP.
  • When playing Frostsee, Don’t build houses below the base too early. The snowflakes coming from the south will certainly destroy them.
  • There are 3 Mines on Dustein, 1 Mine on Frostsee.
  • Building Mines early in Dustein is good, since the’re easy to protect.
  • Defending your Mine in frostsee might seem tough, but after you have enough troops, it’s possible by concentrating your troops there, and building two more houses next to it. It’s worth it.
  • Farms and Harbors are bad.
  • High Investment costs, fragile, and isolated.
  • Only build them when you are sure to protect it.
  • Consider the waves left and calculate the payback. Don’t build them if initial cost>payback.
  • I only build 1 harbor(the one closest to the main base) in Frostsee. Aerial units tend to destroy them all the time. Spare some archers just for harbor protection.

Barracks > Tower > Walls.

  • Barracks are better than towers.
  • You can move the troops around to face enemies from all directions.
  • You can initially choose weapons, giving you the choice for the best counter(Details on the next section).
  • 8 coin upgrades are generally better than building a 3 coin tower.
  • Towers are not as good as barracks.
  • You can’t move towers around, which makes them useless when the next wave comes from a different direction.
  • Main purpose of building towers are tanking. Giving shield for troops/farms
  • In Dustein, shielding farms(1 for trebuche from west, 2 for suicide bomb from northeast)
  • In Frostsee, for attacking snowflakes with Oil upgrade. Only the ones(6~7 of them) where the boss spawns snowflakes. Don’t build any more.
  • Only use walls when you’re out of options.
  • Walls might be good at stopping enemies, but they could help enemies gather and form a swarm. That’s why I don’t use walls on Frostsee.

What weapons to give your troops


  • Knights are strong against archers. Even when they are outnumbered 1:4.
  • Spears are strong against cavalry. 4 spear units on Dustein can single-handedly stop 35 calvary (place them on that narrow path)
  • Flails are OP in Frostsee against snowballs and boss fight.
  • Berserk, I never used them(used fire archers instead), so I can’t say anything about that. sorry.


  • Longbows are just decent. Nothing special.
  • Crossbows, I never used them, so I can’t say anything about that too.
  • Hunters are good against giants. Dustein is a good place to use them.
  • Fire archers are OP against Seige machines and snowballs. Take advantage on splash damage as much as possible. Kite or push troops in the fire using your avatar.

Everything above is based on my experience, so it might be biased. If you have a different opinion, feel free to leave a comment. Thank you!

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