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Timberborn Factions and Why They Matter: Steel Teeth vs Folktails


Like to play with dynamite?
The Steel Teeth Beavers Faction is uniquely suited for a fast industrial start leading to explosive power.
I will provide basics and strategies for maximizing your game with these hard working beavers who couldn’t care less for potatoes and bread.

Like to Grow your own food, maximize crops, and build lots of lodges? I’ll show you why the Folktails excel at this.


Folktails are uniquely suited as farmers, with buffs in crop storage and special unique tools for boosting crop yields. They also have some early start boosts that insure a stable early game. Let’s look at that in a bit of detail, just focusing on what is unique about Folktails.

Factions and Why They Matter: Steel Teeth Vs. Folktails
  • The logpile is FREE. It is not solid, but you can spam these everywhere for nothing but build time.
  • They have a unique big bad underground warehouse with a 4000 capacity. It costs 20 logs, 80 planks, and 40 gears to build, after paying the 1000 Science to unlock the tech. It must be built on the ground, and is not solid.
  • The water pump only has a max depth of 2.
  • They do have a unique Irrigation Tower that is not solid and must be built on the ground. It seems under powered to me. It doesn’t seem to be an improvement on the Water Dump that both factions get.
  • They get a Unique Behive to improve crop growth, that requires 400 Science to unlock, and 10 Logs, 15 Planks, and 20 Paper for each one you build, to be placed in the center of each field. This will be something you can’t unlock right away, but will really boost your food production, and therefore your population cap later in the game.
  • The unique power production is in Windmills. They have a small 120hp windmill that costs 20 logs and 20 planks each, and a large 300hp windmill that costs 40 planks, 20 gears, and 30 paper. The small costs 120 Science and the large costs 1400 Science to unlock.
  • The unique scarecrow boosts aesthetics for 2 tiles all around it, and costs 5 logs and 10 paper each. It takes 200 Science to unlock.
  • The Statue of a Well-fed beaver costs 50 logs, 10 planks, and 500 Science to unlock.
  • The Lodges sizes are as follows:
    3 cap= 12 logs
    1 cap=5 logs and 50 Science
    6 cap=20 logs and 150 Science
    9 cap=35 logs and 250 Science

Steel Teeth:

Steel Teeth are uniquely suited as loggers, and big industry. They have unique abilities that boost their lumber stockpiling ability, and can breed population in an unlimited number of tanks. They have larger capacity housing that will support unbelievable population growth. While these tanks cause a bit of chaos if not turned off and on gradually, leading to death waves; used right they can provide you with armies of day labor for starting new districts and completing big engineering projects. They also give you an early start on landscaping abilities like dynamite because of the industry boosts.

Factions and Why They Matter: Steel Teeth Vs. Folktails-1
  • Their Industrial Log Pile is not free like the little one given to the Folktails, but it has a capacity of 180, and costs 250 Science to unlock, as well as 60 logs, and 80 planks to build.
  • They have breeding pods. You can breed at will, the more pods you have, the more pop you can get. But, you have to have food and water available or the tanks turn themselves off.
  • They have a unique large metal platform that allows you to utilize one square tile for a few buildings, as well as reaching higher places.
  • The Deep Water Pump uniquely reaches deeper water at a max depth of 6 tiles down. This is great from early game onward!
  • They have a unique Engine that runs at 200hp and costs 20 logs, 25 gears, and 20 metal bars to build, as well as 400 Science to unlock. When you unlock this your industry begins to boom.
  • The Statue of a hard-working beaver costs 30 metal bars and 500 Science to unlock.
  • The Housing sizes are as follows:
    10 cap Barracks= 12 logs
    16 cap Barracks=5 logs and 400 Science
    5 cap Rowhouse=20 logs and 180 Science
    8 cap Rowhouse=35 logs and 600 Science


I will expand on this guide as more factions are added and as the game is tweaked. If I overlooked something, please leave me a comment below, and I will check it out. Thanks!

Written by EdenStarGazer