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TOEM Basto Achievement Guide

Achievements guide for Basto region only (Also Bats and Bitlings)

TOEM Basto Achievement Guide

How to get Basto achievement in TOEM.

Completing Basto

Most of the main missions are straightforward and you’ll be able to do yourself, so I won’t list everything, however here are some of the ones which you may get stuck on.

Bitling Collector:

  • Tato – Dock, on top of the sign
  • Snail – Same screen as the Bitling NPC, on bamboo near the cave entrance.
  • Frog – On the chair near the carnival tent
  • Rat – Inside the castle, sitting on the largest castle display

Book of Bats:

Hit the bats with a water balloon. Night time only.

  • Douse all the torches in the cave and look up
  • Same screen as the Castle, left side.
  • Same screen as the bonfire, on one of the strings of lights.

Dry Season:

Missing some plants? The easiest ones to miss are:

  • bodybuilders/thirsty guys house
  • inside the castle
  • inside the carnival tent
  • in the cave


Moonlit Beauty:
Take a picture of the mermaid after hitting her with water, she’ll be sparkling

King’s new shirt:
Judge the sandcastle contest, then snap the king, he’ll be sparkling.

Water balloon the worker on the rubber ring

The Royal Castle:
Photograph the large castle

Pro gamer:
Complete the 3 different carnival games

Maximum vacation:
Wear the Sun Hat, Vacation Shirt and Flip Flops, at day and sit on a beach chair.
The Flip flops can be found in a dig spot near the rubber ring guy.
(Shoutout to id/laurentsydney for this one)

A Viking’s holiday:
Complete all quests (20/20)

Cool moon:
Night time, snap the moon with the sunglasses frame filter

Basto Achievement Guide

Self portrait:
Sit near the painter at the castle and take a selfie when you start to sparkle.

And some more:
Fill the compendium
The ones you’ll probably miss are:
Tato coco – Hiding in a coconut tree on same screen as the main castle, Left side.

Basto Achievement Guide

  • Crab – Hiding in coconut tree on same screen as the cave entrance/Bitsy guy.

Basto Achievement Guide

  • Glow worm – only visible in first person while in the cave
  • Tato King – Water bomb the crack in the wall by the above glow worms to reveal a secret room, douse all the torches in here to reveal some switches, then complete the sliding puzzle to reveal the Tato King.
  • Itsy Bitsy spider – same room as Tato King
  • Eggert – Yes this is a creature apparently, Day time only. (top right of screen of Arthur the dinosaur)
  • Day Lizard / Night Lizard – Count as separate creatures, snap them both at day/night. Next to Arthur the dinosaur

Basto Achievement Guide

  • Drill mole – On one of the beaches near the dinosaur bone, only available at night.

Easter Egg

See the Tato King

When snapping the mural of the Tato king you may have noticed a mark on the wall showing a Crown, Royal Cape and Scepter.

Go back to the secret room in the cave while wearing all 3 pieces for an event…

  • Royal Cape – Given to you for judging the sandcastle contest in the Main Castle
  • Scepter – 3 ticket prize at the Carnival
  • Crown – Take a picture of the Tato King Mural then visit the below spot…

Basto Achievement Guide

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