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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – How to Aim and Peek (Honest Guide)

Honest guide by a player with a lot of experience

If you want to branch off what I have said please do so. (especially those masters at peeking 😉

Here we go

Note: Not everything in this game will be learned from this guide. This game is strongly learned through experience despite how cliché that phrase sounds.

-First off: Don’t peek everything, realize what gun and sight you have and use that to what you can.

-LEAN THE SECOND BEFORE YOU PEEK A CORNER OR HALLWAY (HAS TO BE A NARROM AREA or a doorway TO BE EFFECTIVE, it enhances peekers advantage) (WHEN NOT TO DO IT: WHEN YOU ARE PEEKING A WHOLE ROOM, you might just drag your sight across the room or quick peek it)

-Have proper cursor placement (head level and at adjust your cursor to the map layout, basically know the map and know where to put your cursor)

-Always be moving unless your holding a tight angle but don’t hold it for long after you shoot, and never hold an angle if the enemy knows your 100% there (they will prefire)

-If repelling and holding a window, change positions often

-Try your best never to peek close to a wall, farthest is best (only do so if you know where they are and they don’t, you are basically suprising them, and if you do, use the leaning method and move constantly, change stance leaning direction, EVERYTHING JUST TO CONFUSE THE ENEMY, and prefire if you know where they are, MAKE IT QUICK)

-If you have distance from the wall and someone else is on the wall then you have the advantage.

-If you dont have much distance from the wall (stuck at a door for example and your getting cornered) then peek quick and as fast as possible (at this state your very vulnerable so make things quick, don’t hold your peek for long)

-Quick Peek: 2 Variants: Quick Peeking is very situational. AND DONT QUICK PEEK EVERY SECOND, enemy will just pre fire your retardation
Scenario 1: Narrow Hallway, you quick peek and spot and enemy
Response: Quick peek back again as fast as you can but change stance and move a lot to confuse enemy
Scenario 2: Your very close to somebody who is holding an angle
Response: Quick peek back but you must change your stance (crouch to stand or vice versa) and pre fire
These are starters to quick peeking, sometimes its just better not to do it.

-Trace heads

-When repelling, always be moving unless holding a tight angle (after you shoot when your
holding the angle, move AND MOVE AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN)

-AIM HEAD LEVEL unless you expect someone to be prone.


-Be unexpected, ex. prone a lot when defending especially. Honestly this is the biggest tip, people sometimes believe they are but they are just playing common spots, strats and trying to be like pros. Pros are there for guidance not to reenact.

-Prefire if you know they are there (make sure you have enough ammo when you reach them)

-Prefiring is very helpful when someone is close by holding a corner or camping a corner like an idiot, if you think someone is there then prefire


-When to slow peek: Since servers have improved, slow peeking is quite dangerous, never do it in long hallways, and it is best when your trying to peek someone that is holding a corner but does not know your there. (It is best when your crouched)



How to Videos

These videos will not teach you everything, things come with experience and your place style.


Head Level and Cursor Placement

Leaning, Cursor Placement, SLowppeking

Map Knowledge and Droning in relation to Peeking

Clips In-game

Good Example of Cursor Placement, Prefire, and Leaning, and Knowledge

Cursor Placement, Leaning, Head Level Aiming, Playing Unexpected (Last 10 seconds is insane)

Playing Unexpected and Aiming Head Level

Cursor Placement, Head Level, Leaning

Playing unexpected, Prefire, Leaning, Using Map Knowledge, Cursor Placement


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Written by mizaky.

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  1. Hey can you help me a little bit ?
    Im gold e ,2 limbo.
    I quick peek narrow hallway and then pre fire . It works . But my problem is when i dont have any drones left and im peeking in the bomb site ( whole room ) , quick peek isnt working there. Jiggle peek also not working . Im doing that to see where they are then pre firing but in dying at first. Its getting huge problem to only peek into a whole room . What do you suggest ? Also can you explain what you mean by this ?, ( ” WHEN NOT TO DO IT: WHEN YOU ARE PEEKING A WHOLE ROOM, you might just drag your sight across the room or quick peek it” ) ??


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