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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – How to play and counter shields

I’ve enjoyed making my first guide so there is my second one about a subject I master better; The shields.

How to play a shield operator

So there is multiple ways to use a shield operator and a good blitz doesn’t play the same as a good montagne. In this guide I will give you an overall so you can have a strong gameplay and the opportunity to find your own playstyle.

With Montagne, you normally go among your teammates. You are the front line. The goal is to push towards the objective and to catch every roamers on your way. To make it easier for your teammates, you should always think of pinging the position of the ennemies and use your microphone to give the important intels, such as his position (standing behind a shield or proning) and the operator (if it is smoke, he will probably trow you a smoke immediatly).

The next step is to take the attention of the ennemy, so he doesn’t shoot your ally. You wanna be full deployed to take no damage, but you gotta be a threat for your ennemies so you take all their attention. The best way to achieve this is to go towards him. If he turns his back, you take your pistol and shoot him. If you get close enough from him, you knife him. But the majority of your fights, your goal is only to take his attention away and it is the role of your teammates to take him down.

Never go in a position where you expose your back to an enemy or to a room you didn’t clear yet!!!

If you are the last ally alive, you don’t wanna deploy your shield, because if you do so, you don’t represent any danger for your opponents and you have no way to actually kill them. The only exeption is when you are in the secure area and you are blocking the entrance or when you have planted the defuser and you are blocking it’s access.

Blitz is the total opposite of Montagne. Your goal isn’t to slowly reach the objective with your allies behind you. You wanna rush them, flash them and then kill them by yourself. Your worst ennemies are the traps, the barb wires and the 3 speed 1 armor operators. I would recommend to drone the path you are gonna take before going in, so you have an idea of where are the ennemies and the traps.

There is 2 main ways to get the job done. You can reach your opponent and knife him, using your gadget to flash him on your way or you can aim at him and headshot him. Let’s see the pros and the cons of these 2 strats.

The “knife” kill

If it is in an open area, you might expose your back and get killed by someone else. While rushing your ennemy, you are exposing your feets and he can down you in a few seconds. You might as well fall on traps before you reach him. But there is 2 good reasons to use this strat. First of all, it’s so cool to get a knife kill!!! ;P Second of all, if it is in a corridor and the target is close enough, it is less dangerous to go for the knife than exposing your head, don’t forget that your gadget is exactly made for that!

The headshot kill

This one is a little bit trickier, because you expose your head for a good second, you become a beautifull target for him. First of all, aim at his head on your screen before aiming in the game. What I mean by that is putting his face where the sight will be, so you don’t have to take even more time to aim at his head. Second important thing ; find the good moment to aim at him. If he is aiming at your face, waiting for you to aim at him, then don’t do it! Usually the opponent will aim at your feets or your arm, your unprotected part of your body. It’s the moment you wanna take them down. Don’t be ashame of spamming the crounch button btw!

If the ennemy turns his back

If the ennemy turnshis back, don’t play TAG with him, aim at him and make him regret his error!


Fuze is between Montagne and Blitz. You can play aggressively like blitz, but can’t run with your shield. You can play passively like Montagne, but there will always be parts of you not covered and easy to shoot. The best way to use him is to go with your teammates and to not be scared of aiming with your pistol. Just make sure to show your head for a short moment and at a good time!

How to counter shields

There is 3 main ways shield operators can put you down. They can reach you and knife you. aim at you and shoot you or be a little lucky bastard and kill you while shooting without aiming. So I will separate this section into these 3 parts and a 4th part about Montagne.

The knife kill
You gotta know that the best way to kill any shield operator is to have a teammate with a sight on his back. Communication and teamplay are the keys to win in Rb6! But let’s say you are alone against him. There isnt a lot to know to counter him ; He will always have unprotected parts. If he runs, shoot his feets, if he walks to you, you have even more time to shoot his shoulders and his arm.

The shooter one
This one will not rush you, he will slowly move and intensively look at you. Just aim his head and don’t shoot (you don’t wanna scare him, you actually want him to aim at your face). If he aims at you, it’s a free kill. But if the player is good enough (or if he have read this guide hehe! ) he will wait the good moment. The best way to deal with him is to shoot his arm 1 or 2 times and aim back at his head. Keep in mind that he will try to kill you before you do get him, so if you shoot him, he will try to shoot you back.

The “lucky” shooter

If he gets a lucky long shot, well, sorry but that’s just luck and you can’t really do anything against that but taking a deep breath.

If he is close to you enough to have a good chance to headshot you, it is because you didn’t kill him before. Don’t let him get close enough. You can always trick him to aim at you by faking to turn your back, but it is risky and it wont work 2 times in a row.


If his shield isnt deployed, then apply the same strats mentionned above. But what about when he is fully deployed? Or you ignore him or you blow him. If he is the last one or if he is alone, you can rush him and knife his back. Take in note that you gotta put your explosives behind him to kill him. If it is in an open room and there is teammates behind him, if you have enough time to trow a c4 it’s perfect. But if you don’t have one or you don’t have the time to do so, just ignore him. He is just a piece of metal, not such a big threat!


She is so great, she have a separate section for her. Nah for real I just forgot about her 😛

How to play her
First of all, you gotta know that she is a great operator if you, and only if you have cooperative teammates. Your first goal playing her is to give intels to your teammates. Let them know where the ennemies are, and try to make them an easy target for your allies. The best way to achieve that is to simply ping them, to use your microphone and to slow them with your gadget.

Don’t get too close of your ennemies, because one of the simplest ways to kill you is to punch your shield and shoot your legs. Be aware of your counters; Zofia, ash and any other operators with grenades.

You aren’t a good operator for 1v1 situations, but if you are forced into it, I suggest you to take of your shield and use your secondary, because only your shield will not be enough to get ride of an ennemy, but if he is really really low in health. If you are facing an opponant in a 1v1 with your shield up, if he turns back and you know he isnt faking it, you can switch to your gun. But if he doesnt, you will need to find a cover to switch, because you will become an unprotected target for a good second.

Be aware that your secondary will be for the great majority of the time worst than your ennemie’s gun, so go for quick and small peeks and aim for the face.

How to counter her

There is 3 usual ways to eliminate Clash. Let’s talk about these.


When you blow the shield of clash with an explosive, it doesn’t only damage her; it gives you a sight of her left leg (the right leg from your perspective when you face her). So, operators like Zofia or Ash can use their gadgets to use that flaw. But if you aren’t Ash or Zofia? Grenades and claymores are your only other options to use that strategy.


If you don’t have any explosives, you can punch the shield of clash do expose the same flaw. But keep in mind that she will slow you down and that you will take some damages of it on your way to her, and it could bait you to her friend’s sight. Remember that she is a team based operator and the chances of finding a second ennemy nearby her is high.


The easiest one in this strategic game about communication is to simply call a teammate to get a line of sight of her back.

A little note

Clash is just like Montagne, but more annoying. She will slow you down and deal a few damages, but she isn’t a real threat. The real threat is the ennemies hidden behind her, waiting for you to make an error. Drone her to see if she is alone. If it’s the case, taking her down shouldn’t be a big deal. If it’s not the case, don’t focus on her.

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