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Total War Three Kingdoms: Diplomatic Attitude Guide

Diplomacy is the process by which you manage relations with other factions. Much can be achieved through diplomacy that would otherwise be impossible. Factions can trade ancillaries, resources, territory and food, arrange marriages, form coalitions, lend and borrow money, threaten or declare war, annex other factions non-militarily, and much more.

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Diplomatic Attitude Guide

Diplomatic attitude is the measure of another faction leader’s opinion of you, and is key to achieving beneficial deals via diplomacy. You can view a faction leader’s attitude towards you by mousing over the colour-coded masks in the factions list in the diplomacy panel. This shows a breakdown of the reasons for each warlord’s attitude, ranging from hostile (deep red) to trusted friend (deep green).

The more a faction leader approves of you, the more likely he’ll be to agree to your deals. The more deals you do with him that he likes, the more he’ll like you.

There are many factors which improve or reduce diplomatic attitude. Generosity through gifts of money, long-term peace, and being part of the same alliance all boost diplomatic attitude for example. Being at war, doing deals with a faction’s enemies, and trespassing on another faction’s territory without first seeking a military access agreement with them are some actions that will reduce attitude.

A warlord’s diplomatic attitude towards another is influenced not only by actions, but by the consequences of those actions on related third parties. For example, if you have a trade agreement with Warlord A, who is friends with warlord B, and you go to war with warlord B, Warlord A’s diplomatic attitude towards you will fall, potentially risking the trade agreement you have with them.

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