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Total War Three Kingdoms: Garrison Guide

Garrison Guide

Each settlement maintains a garrison force in the event that an enemy army attacks. The composition of a garrison – which units it contains and how many – is defined by the buildings in the settlement and the presence of an administrator. You can view a garrison by selecting a commandery or county and clicking the green garrison symbol to the left of the relevant building slot.

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The commandery town-centre building provides a single retinue (six units) to the garrison force. Another retinue may be added by building a garrison military (red) building. A third retinue will be added if an administrator is assigned to the commandery, though his retinue will not contribute to the garrison if the administrator has been recruited to an army (his retinue will appear in the army instead).

If a settlement is attacked by an enemy army, the garrison will appear in the ensuing battle (or counted towards the settlement’s defence if the battle is delegated) as an army under the defender’s control. If an army is also stationed in the settlement, the army and the garrison will fight together.

A garrison is bound to its settlement and cannot be ordered to leave. However, if a battle occurs involving a friendly army within the settlement’s zone of control, the garrison will sally out and join the friendly army for the duration of that battle.

Garrison forces which become damaged in battle and replenish just like any other army. Individual garrison units which are destroyed in battle will be re-recruited automatically over time.

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