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Total War Three Kingdoms: Guide to Military Supplies and Movement

Armies are used to protect your empire from military incursion by other factions, expand your empire by capturing new commanderies and counties, and defeat enemy armies in battle.

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Military Supplies

An army requires military supplies to function optimally. Its supply levels are indicated by the military supplies bar in the army panel. When an army has higher supplies, it gains morale and replenishment bonuses. When an army’s supplies fall, it begins to suffer increasingly punitive attrition and morale penalties.

When an army is in a friendly or allied commandery, it gathers supplies. The rate at which it gathers is principally determined by the reserves in the commandery itself, which in turn is dictated by food levels across your empire. Negative reserves means fewer supplies. There are other factors which can contribute to supplies, such as the number of characters in the army, certain ancillary effects and so forth.

When an army crosses into enemy territory, it begins to consume its supplies turn by turn. Long periods of time spent in enemy territory without resupply, such as during an extended siege, can cripple an army, so it is a critical factor to monitor.


Armies move at different speeds across the campaign map according to their stance and the kind of terrain they traverse. Difficult terrain such as forests, deserts, mountains and river-crossings will cost more action points to traverse. Grasslands offers swifter movement, and roads swifter still.

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