Total War Three Kingdoms: Guide to Threat, Flanking and Weather Effects

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  1. Flanking
  2. Weather Effects
  3. Threat

When one of your armies attacks (or is attacked by) another army, or is ordered to attack a settlement owned by another faction, you will have the option of delegating the battle – in which case the battle outcome will be automatically calculated according to the forces involved – or you may choose to fight the battle in real-time.

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A core concept in battle, flanking simply refers to attacking a unit in the side or rear, where it is weakest as it cannot bring its weapons or defences to bear at the point of contact.

Flanking is also a key tactic in reducing a unit’s morale and forcing it to rout.

Weather Effects

  • Certain weather effects can impair the abilities of your army.
  • Rain Retards fire effects against flammable scenery.
  • Extreme heat or cold cause extra fatigue to soldiers.
  • Fog severely limits line of sight.


Certain units are particularly strong – or weak – against certain others in battle. When you have a unit selected, you’ll sometimes see a red threat warning triangle above specific enemy units. These highlight enemy units that your selected unit is especially vulnerable to.

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