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Total War Three Kingdoms: Population Guide

Population Guide

The great mass of people in your empire is reflected by your population. This can be viewed in your commanderies by mousing over the population icon on the commandery panel or in the settlement’s information bar on the campaign map.

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Commandery populations generate tax revenue for you known as peasantry income. The higher a population, the greater the tax it generates. A commandery’s population also provides a strong replenishment boost to armies in the commandery.

Populations naturally grow over time, but that growth can be stimulated by constructing key buildings in a commandery. The commandery capital building chain increases the population capacity, while certain agricultural buildings promote greater population growth. Growth is also stimulated by an administrator’s resolve attribute, and certain reforms, character skills and other sources may also contribute.

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Populations may also dwindle. Low food reserves, high taxes and low public order will all contribute to population shrinkage. A heavy military presence – either friendly or enemy – will also drive people from a commandery over time.

Balancing population growth with food income, keeping an eye on public order, and keeping military presence light where possible are all therefore key to keeping your population stable, contented and profitable.


The Pins button, to the left of the minimap on the main campaign screen, enables you to set custom markers on the campaign map for any reason you wish. You might earmark a particularly food-rich region for later conquering for example, or note the site of an epic victory (or defeat!). There are 18 different pin icons to choose from, and each may be tagged with a title and a short description.

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