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Tax Guide

Tax is the chief source of income for your faction. It is generated in your commanderies, and is derived from three main sources, as follows.

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Peasantry income is a tax on the people, and scales with the commandery’s population. The higher the population, the more tax the commandery generates.

Commerce income is derived from certain market (blue) buildings that are constructed in the commandery. Buildings which generate commerce income (such as the harbour building chain for example) do not generate large amounts of income by themselves, but synergise extremely well with other blue building types to create large multipliers for commerce income. The market wharf building chain, for example, generates no commerce income of its own, but greatly enhances the commandery’s commerce income from other sources (such as the harbour building chain).

Industry income is derived from any industrial sources in the commandery, such as mine and toolmaker counties for example. Industry sources tend to provide a higher base level of tax income than commerce sources, but offer fewer inter-building synergies for enhancement of that income.

You can view a commandery’s combined income from taxes and other sources in the commandery panel. You can view your faction-wide tax income in the Treasury panel.

You can exempt a commandery from taxation by toggling the tax exemption box in the Commandery panel. This can improve matters in a commandery that is suffering from low public order.

As you advance your faction rank, you’ll gain the ability to modify the tax rate in a more granular fashion, increasing or decreasing them to balance income requirements with public order across you commanderies using the tax slider in the treasury panel.

Any bonuses from characters, buildings, administrators etc which are marked as improving ‘income from peasantry/commerce/industry’ will enhance the taxes you collect in a commandery without raising the tax rate. The Tax Collection building chain is one such source.

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