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Tower of Fantasy Cooking Recipes for Vera Chef Achievements

Tower of Fantasy – Cooking Recipes for Vera Chef Achievements.


Cooking Recipes for Vera Chef Achievements
Aloe YogurtAloe *1
Honey *1
Milk *2
Beet SoupBeetroot *2
Beet with FiddleheadFiddlehead *2
Beetroot *2
Cactus SpecialsBall Cactus *2
Charcoal Grilled Sand OnionsSand Onion *2
Chicken Soup NoodlesWhite Jade Radish *1
Poultry Meat *1
Homi Grain *1
Chocolate Soy MilkCocoa Beans *2
Soy *1
Honey *1
Cold Fish MintFish Mint *2
Corn and Seafood BiscuitScallop *2
Corn *1
Homi Grain *2
Creamy Corn SoupCorn *2
Milk *1
Mushroom *2
Crispy Lard GrourdsLard Gourd *1
Fried TofuSoy *2
Grilled Combo PlatePrime Cut *1
Chilis *1
Fleshy Tail *1
Grilled Lizard TailsFleshy Tail *2
Grilled OystersOysters *2
Honeymelon BreadDesert Melon *2
Honey *1
Homi Grain *2
Multigrain PorridgePumpkin *2
Corn *1
Rice *2
Oyster Tofu SoupOyster *2
Soy *2
Pumpkin PorridgePumpkin *2
Rice *1
Radish and Pork Chop SoupWhite Jade Radish *1
Rib *1
Radish SoupWhite Jade Radish *1
Rose BreadRose Petal *1
Brown Rice *2
Rose TeaRose Petal *1
Honey *2
Salt-and-Pepper CornsCorn *2
Scramble Egg with Fish MintFish Mint *2
Poultry Egg *3
Special Grilled RibsRib *1
Honey *2
Spicy BBQ NoodlesFatty Cut *1
Chilis *1
Homi Grain *2
Spicy Fried RiceChilis *1
Fleshy tail *1
Poulty egg *1
Rice *2
Spicy Lard Gourd StripsLard Gourd *1
Chilis *2
Steamed PumpkinPumpkin *2
Homi Grain *3
Stir-Fried ChillesOnion *1
Chilis *1
Sweetmelon SaladDesert Melon *2
Salad Dressing *3

Ingredient locations

AloeVera: Near Oasis Lake Center, Oasis Cliff, Silent Oasis
Ball CactusVera: Near Plant Cactuses, Kill Cactus
BeetrootVera: Inside the Karst Cave
ChiliVera: Saltwater Oasis, Artificial Greens, Quicksand Belt Center, inside Quicksand lair
Cocoa BeansNavia: Raincaller Island
CornMirroria City: Mirroria Food Vendor
Desert MelonVera: Near Mirroria (Oasis Lake Center, Oasis Cliff), Mirroria Outpost, Old Mirroria City
Fish mintBanges: By the River Near Anchorville
Fleshy tailVera: Hunt Wild Beasts(Red Flame Lizard, Desert Predator)
Lard GourdCrown Mines : South Beach Lumina, Near Sobek, Near Ruin D-01
OystersAstra: North and East Beaches
PumpkinVera: Quicksand Belt
RibVera: Hunt Wild Beasts (Horror Beast, Shielded Beast)
Rose PetalVera: Always Near Ruin Stone Puzzle, maps click here.
SoyMirroria City: Mirroria Food Vendor
ScallopBanges: Near Mt. Woochu, Banges Dock, Ruin B-02
White Jade RadishVera: Saltwater Oasis, Evil’s Clutch Oasis
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