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Tower of Fantasy Transferring a character to another server

In this guide, you will learn everything about transferring a character to another server.

The feature will be fully launched on January 10th.

There will be 2 test rounds:

  1. December 29, 2022 Only available on a limited number of servers.
  2. January 10, 2023 Available for other servers that meet this requirement.

Servers to which the server transfer will be available in round 1:

  • North America: Liberal, Nirvana, Sol-III, The Glades
  • South America: Orion, Tiamat, Hope, Phoenix
  • Europe: Anddoes, Futuria, Lycoris, The Lumina
  • Asia-Pacific: Shinya, Uranus, Sweetie, Atlantis
  • South-East Asia: Osillron, Saeri, Oryza Mistilteinn

Servers on which server transfer will be available in round 2:

Other servers that meet the server transfer requirements.

What are the server transfer requirements?

  • 1. Only transferring data from a server within the same region is currently supported.
  • 2. You can only transfer a character to a newer server.
  • 3. Level above 40.
  • 4. You must leave the guild.
  • 5. Blank mail
  • 6. All rewards in Bygone Phantasm must be collected.
  • 7. You must be online and on a shared map.
  • 7. You can transfer a character once every 27 days. (7×24 hours).
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Server transfer cost

Tanium ×500. (Users registered before January 10, 2023 will receive a free server transfer ticket)

If nickname already exists

If the character’s nickname is taken, it will be replaced with characters consisting of your “nickname@name of the old server” and a nickname change card will be sent to your mail.

Server transfer note

The following assets will be transferred with the server transfer : Base Currency, Backpack, Weapons, Gear, Simulacra, Suppressors, Relics, Vehicles, Achievements, Missions, Stories, Traveler’s Journal, Research, Apex League Ranking, Ruins, Various Adventures, Activity, Level Pack , BP.

The following assets will be cleared:

  • 1. Social Relations: All social relations, including friend list, blacklist, recent contacts, recent posts about the team.
  • 2. Guild
  • 3. Mail.
  • 4. Rating information on the source server.
  • 5. Omnium beacons.
  • 6. Information about Bygone Phantasm.

How to transfer a character to another server?

Click on the “Data Transfer” button in the settings.

Transferring a character to another server
Tower of Fantasy Transferring a character to another server
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