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Tower Unite: Lobby 3 Secret Stuffed Animals Locations

Location of all 10 stuffed animals located around the Lobby 3 Plaza. For achievement ‘Stuffed Discovery’.

Temporary Warning

Due to the achievements bug you won’t be able to collect the last one, due to a fatal error. Just letting you know this before hand, the next patch should fix these problems.

Also, before scrolling down at least try to find them yourself for 10 minutes! I like fairness and we all should have a smash at finding them, before looking at a guide, so go out there my lads and lasses and give it a go! Dare not give in to the temptations of the answers below! Go forth and discover!


  • Whale Plushy – Ferris Wheel
  • Rockstar Dino Plushy – In the cave next to Poseidon
  • Snail Plushy – On top of the Arcade
  • Teddy Bear Plushy – Roof of Casino, behind the giant slots
  • Fox Plushy – Above the Tower Lobby fountain
  • Teddy Bear Plushy – Back of the Tower Lobby, above the exit
  • Turtle Plushy – Next to one of the train tunnels at the station
  • Dino Plushy – At the Theatre entrance to the left of the doors
  • Penguin Plushy – On the beach
  • Hedgehog Plushy – Between Songbirds (Music shop) and the Upgrades shop, on the grass

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  1. So helpful thank you! Penguin plushy “on the beach” is a little vague, the penguin is on the first little beach hut near the lighthouse


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