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Town of Salem 2 General Tips for Newbies

Brand new player here!

After a while i’ve picked up a couple things and figured I’d share notes for other new (or rusty) players!

Town of Salem 2 General Tips for Newbies

Intro / Quick Tips!

If you are new, WATCH the GUIDE, READ UP on the Roles and STICK TO CLASSIC for a while!
(Guide/Role info can be looked at any time from Settings > Guide)

I found that after I understood the main factions (Townie, Coven, SK, other.) and got a general understanding of the main roles (Consistent townie, Coven, Serial Killer, Executioner, Jester) Classic became very fun!

In my experience with (mostly) Classic mode, a lot of the community has been really friendly and informative, and some partly trolling, but that’s the internet for you.

Best advice I can give is learn how classic plays before trying other modes, and learn note taking!
One of the best ways to win at this game is to take informative and concise notes if you’re good (townie), or faking similar notes if you are bad (Coven or SK)!

Common Terms / Slang

Some in game terms/slang to get you going:

  • CC = Counter Claim (when someone claims a role someone has already claimed)
  • SK = Serial Killer (role that wants everyone else dead)
  • CL = Coven Leader
  • TK = Tavern Keeper
  • RB = Role Block (blocked from taking any action)
  • RT = Random Townie (additional random townie roles)
  • Role = Asking you to confirm your role
  • Post Will/Will = Asking you to post your will or Notes to chat
  • N1 = Night 1
  • D2 = Day 2

These are the most common terms I’ve seen and are VITAL to understanding a lot of chat/wills, or requests from other players during the game.

Will / Note Taking

Here is a Note taking format as an example:

@[your number here] the #[role here]

  • N1 – [Role action here] [player here] – outcome
  • N2 – [Role action here] [player here] – outcome
  • N3 – [Role action here] [player here] – outcome

(N1 stands for Night 1, N2 = Night 2, etc)
The above will/notes is a basic info dump, but will help persuade people that your are innocent (as long as you’re not confirmed lying by another player)

Example of this in action:

@1PlayerName the Investigator

  • N1 – Investigated @2Playername – No Blood
  • N2 – Investigated @3Playername – Blood found
  • N3 – Investigated @11Playername – No Blood

Example Image:

ToS2 - General Notes for Newbies (Slang and Will!)

Chat / Will formatting

Final notes for chat/will:

  • @ to ping/target a player
  • # to depict a role in the game
  • : to depict certain key words

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