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Trailmakers – Controls and Tips Collection


Character and Vehicle Controls

WASD to move in a direction while running or driving
WASD to tilt your vehicle while it is in the air
RMB press and hold to change the camera view
C to switch between different camera views while in a vehicle
F to enter a vehicle with a seat
R to repair or flip over your vehicle (stand close)
Space when in vehicle to activate jet engines (can be changed)
Space when out of vehicle to jump
Backspace while out of build mode to die/respawn at last checkpoint

Building Controls

B to build
RMB press and hold to change the camera view
ALT to rotate a block/selection (hold SHIFT to change direction)
Insert to dublicate/mirror a block/selection (position depends on your camera view)
Delete to delete a block/selection
Arrow Keys to move a block/selection (hold SHIFT to move it along the depth)
CTRL hold and click blocks you want in your selection
LMB hold to create a selection (select all and click the save button to save the vehicle)

More Controls

F5 to free cam – control with mouse and arrow keys
F6 to save a gif of the last 6 seconds of gameplay
CTRL+Y to create an image/blueprint of your creation
CTRL+U to toggle UI on/off


  • Hover over a block in the inventory to see its weight, power and key bindings.
  • More engines on your vehicle means more speed.
  • Engines are powered by Power Cores – Collect more Power Cores in the game to increase the amount and size of engines on your vehicle.
  • Consider the aerodynamics of your vehicle – especially in windy places. Steamline your car with curved blocks.
  • Consider the weight of your vehicle. If it keeps tumbling over, try makind it wider or distribute the weight more evenly.
  • Drag and drop saved vehicles into the world.
  • Want to use a vehicle you made but you forgot to save it? The History panel holds the last 10 vehicles that left build mode.
  • Is your car spinning out of control when you turn? Try adding a few spoilers, lowering the center of gravity or widening your vehicle.
  • Many blocks have additional configurations. You can find these by selecting the block and clicking the cogwheel.
  • If you want a smooth flying experience add tailfins to your plane for drag and stabilization.
  • If your helicopter is spinning out of control try adding a helicopter servo that spins in the opposite direction to counter the rotation.
  • You need a powerful computer to host four players in multiplayer. If you experience lag try limiting the player count to three or two or ask a friend with a more powerful computer to host.
  • You can put your vehicle on the Steam Workshop. Find the blueprint in the menu, click on it and click the Steam icon.
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  1. A bit of extra tip: WASD always tilts the vehicle. Even if you set your engines and hinges and stuff up differently. For me wasd was meant to move the submarine forward/backward, slide left/right and arrowkeys for tilting. Yet it kept tilting when going forward, yawing when sliding sideways. I moved my setup to ZGHJ instead and now everything works.

    I didn’t understand why my helicopter was so unstable. Same problem.


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