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Trailmakers – How to make a Boat in Trailmakers without Hovers

This guide is to help trailmakers players to make a boat like vehicle without the excessive use of hovers.

Building materials
Building a boat can be a difficult task, but is managable. For this task you will need blocks from three classes: the first being frame blocks which are things like the basic 2×4, bouyant blocks which are the blocks that float there are only three of these, the modular wing, wheel, and suspension, and propulsion blocks, which you only need the dragon and mini thruster from.

Building the boat
You should start off by building a basic frame. try to make light and broad, and at least 4 blocks tall. when you are finished with that put your seat a place near the center of boat ( make space for it if needed ). After that place some wheels on the bottom and sides of your frame, and add modular wings to the places where wheels won’t fit. next you should add thusters. Place mini thrusters in the corners of your frame. rotate the ones on the right facing where the thrust is pointing right and do the same on the left except the thrust should be pointing left. then place a two sets of mini thrusters on each side pointing there thust torwards the front of the vehicle, and lastly put a dragon engine pointing its thrust towards the back.

Hooking up the controls
First go to the mini thrusters in the corners. in the front right corner click on the thruster then click on the button that says “space” and the press a on the keyboard. Do the same with the the one in the back left. Now go to the front left and click the mini thruster and click the gear again. Click the “space” button again but this time press d on your keyboard. Do the same with the back right mini thruster.

now go to the first set of mini thrusters you placed down. click the gear and click “space” then press w on your keyboard. Do this with both thrusters. This is to limit how much the boat tilts forward in the water when moving forwards. Then do the same thing with the dragon thruster ( that is to propel te boat forwards ). Next go and click on the second set of mini thrusters and click the gear like you have done before. Click the “space” button and the press s on your keyboard. Do this with both thrusters. Save your design before you test it.

Testing is quite simple. you just go near water, enter build mode, spawn your vehicle, drag and select all of it, and the drag it into the water exit build mode and hop into the seat.

Problems and reasons for them
Dying: if you die its because you were testing in expedition mode, try it in sandbox.

Getting launched from the seat: you either didn’t wait for the boat to settle in the water, accelerated too quickly, or your boat is not bouyant enough to keep your seat above water.

Thrusters won’t work: Either the game reset the controls you set, or the boat isn’t bouyant enough to keep the thrusters above water ( propulsion blocks do not work underwater ).

Sinking: didn’t have enough bouyant blocks or the frame is too heavy.

Goes forward for 3 seconds then stops making thrust: you used a RAW thruster instead of a Dragon thruster.

If you did not experience any of these problems have fun with your new boat!

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