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Treasure of Nadia Cheats (Mod)

More Money, Talismans, Plants, Chest Keys, etc.

Treasure of Nadia Cheats (Mod)

I did not make this mod. It was created by Jong Games. If you wish to donate to the creator, you can click his name and it will lead to his patreon which also has mods for other games and even some more Adult Games.

Please note, Jong Games gave permission to share the mod on steam.

How to Install

Right click the game in the steam library then go to Manage>Browse Local Files>www>data.

Then just move the map014.json file into there and replace the old one.

(if you want to be safe, move the old file somewhere else for now)

Installed, Now What?

Once it’s installed. Start up the game and go to the bedroom in your house.

There is a pot to the right of the window that you can now click on that will give you all the money and items you need.

Treasure of Nadia Cheats (Mod)
Treasure of Nadia Cheats (Mod)-1
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