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Tron Identity Compromised System Achievement Guide (Keeping Everyone Alive)

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  1. Proxy
  2. Prinz
  3. Ada
  4. Grish
  5. Cass
  6. Last Remarks

A guide to complete the achievement “Compromised System”. Full spoilers for the entire game.


Tron: Identity - A Brief Guide to Keeping Everyone Alive

The first Program to have a Death Opportunity is Proxy, your local petty criminal. When she appears at the Landing Platform, you must let her pass. If you do not, you will be forced into a situation where you will have to defend yourself against her – and she will die.

So let her in. What harm could it do, right?


Tron: Identity - A Brief Guide to Keeping Everyone Alive

A lot of harm, actually.

Once you let Proxy in, she will inevitably attempt to kidnap Prinz for his knowledge on the Key. Once you are up on the landing platform with Proxy holding Prinz hostage, let her escape off the roof with him. If you try to stop her, you will throw your disc, and derez Prinz instead.

I maintained a high trust with Prinz prior to this scene. So far unsure if it affected the outcome. To gain his trust, note that he finds reputation extremely important, and always side with Users when asked.

This will be the last time you see Prinz and Proxy. It’s fine. They’re alive.


Tron: Identity - A Brief Guide to Keeping Everyone Alive

Now, with Ada your mileage may vary.

In my playthrough, gaining her trust lead to her invariably dying to Cass’ explosion, and no amount of persuading-seeming dialogue options would stop her from running toward Cass. In order to not gain her trust, I opted to keep Sierra imprisoned. As such, Sierra and Ada will be rather cross with you, but they will both remain safe and sound in the library. Another win in the “everyone lives” department!

Even if they both hate you for it.


Tron: Identity - A Brief Guide to Keeping Everyone Alive

For this run, we’ve basically pissed off Grish in every way possible except letting Sierra go. As such, he’s not very pleased. He will confront you in the Lobby, and again on the Landing Pad once you’ve made a quick escape up the elevator (unsure if not dodging the motorcycle was a requirement, but in case it was, I didn’t dodge the motorcycle in the beginning).

Let him take Cass back to the Vault – this will unlock “Safety Measures”, anyway. It will also allow him to survive this encounter – if you don’t let him take Cass, Cass will step in and kill Grish. So lets… not. Do that.


Tron: Identity - A Brief Guide to Keeping Everyone Alive

I’ll be real with you folks, I have not managed to get Cass killed yet. I’m not even sure Cass can be killed, at this point. Either way, in order to achieve this, you just have to be very, very nice. Defrag the disc as many times as it takes, and let Grish bring Cass back to the vault. Maintaining trust might be paramount – but this is the biggest uncertainty, so I’d appreciate any pointers in the comments!

Last Remarks

All in all, the deathless run will probably be one of the most unsatisfying runs to make in this game. You will end up alone. Everyone will be alive, but pissed at you. But alive! So I’m not sure anyone’s in a place to level complaints at you in the first place, ungrateful bastards that they are.

I’d be super grateful for any pointers in the comments, so I can extend this guide. I am also not sure if Sierra can die, I’ve not encountered any endings where he has yet.

Remember kiddos, Tron lives (and now, all these idiots live too!)

Written by limeliness

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  1. You can have Cass die if you agree to give Cass to Grish near the end, but before saying sorry to Cass, you ask Grish to let Cass explain the truth. This leads to Cass making a sacrifice, and perhaps being happy with the choice?

    Great game. Loved the TRON universe story. Great content, fun to experience it from different angles.

    I wish the User Key could be found. Maybe it can… I haven’t found it yet.


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