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For the first time in the series, manage extensive archipelagos, build bridges to connect your islands and use new means of transportation and infrastructure. Send your Tropicans on raids to steal the wonders of the world, including the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower. Customize your palace at will and give election speeches from your balcony, to win the favor of your subjects.

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In Tropico 6 you begin your journey in the colonial era, sent by the crown to tame and bring civilization to the wild lands of Tropico. Improve your standing towards the revolutionaries and use them as a stepping stone towards gaining ultimate control over your tropical state. Once you are free from the iron grip of your royal oppressors, you can enjoy the freedoms of rule that only a true dictator can experience!

Tropico 6 offers you the opportunity to decide how your country will participate in World War II and the Cold War. Will you establish your own commercial space program or utilize ballistic missile technology for decidedly more destructive ways?

Guide to Resources

A handy guide to all the resources in the game, whether they’re renewable or not, and what produces and consumes them – including upgrades and work modes!

Most buildings in Tropico 6 have at least one upgrade or alternative work mode, and it’s hard to memorize them all. With some of them, it becomes slightly difficult to determine whether a resource is renewable or not, as well – so I made a handy guide you can check with when you need a resource and can’t remember what your options to get it are!

Bear in mind, this guide makes no mention of eras or research – some resources start out non-renewable, but become renewable as you progress.

By resource

Here’s a list of all the resources in the game with the buildings that produce them, the buildings that consume them, and whether or not they’re renewable.

Note that this only takes industrial buildings into account – eg. food is also consumed by your citizens, raid buildings sometimes require you to supply a certain amount of a resource to overcome a setback, etc. These are not listed here.

NameProduced byConsumed byRenewable?
AluminiumMine (Aluminium), Automated Mine (Aluminium), Waste Treatment Facility (with Scrapheap Scrounging upgrade)Shipyard (with Welding Plant upgrade)No*
ApparelFashion CompanyYes
BananaPlantation (Banana), Hydroponic Plantation (Banana)JuiceryYes
Canned GoodsCanneryYes
CarsCar CompanyNo
ChocolateChocolate FactoryYes
CigarsCigar FactoryYes
ClothTextile MillFashion CompanyYes
CoalMine (Coal), Automated Mine (Coal)Steel MillNo
CocoaPlantation (Cocoa), Hydroponic Plantation (Cocoa)Chocolate Factory (in Sweet Chocolate work mode), Chocolate Factory (in Dark Chocolate work mode)Yes
CoconutsCoconut HarvesterJuicery (with Nut Cracker upgrade)Yes
CoffeePlantation (Coffee), Hydroponic Plantation (Coffee)Cannery (with Flash Freezer upgrade)Yes
CornPlantation (Corn), Hydroponic Plantation (Corn)Factory Ranch (Cattle), Factory Ranch (Sheep), Factory Ranch (Goat), Factory Ranch (Pig), Factory Ranch (Llama), Plastics Plant (with Bio-Polymer Fabrication Facility upgrade)Yes
CottonPlantation (Cotton), Hydroponic Plantation (Cotton)Textile MillYes
ElectronicsElectronics FactoryNo
FishFishermen’s Wharf, Fish Farm (Fish)Factory Ranch (Crocodile), CanneryYes
FurnitureFurniture FactoryYes
GoldMine (Gold), Automated Mine (Gold)Jewelry Workshop, Electronics FactoryNo
HidesRanch (Cattle), Factory Ranch (Cattle)TanneryYes
IronMine (Iron), Automated Mine (Iron)Steel MillNo
JewelryJewelry WorkshopNo
LeatherRanch (Crocodile), Factory Ranch (Crocodile), TanneryFashion CompanyYes
LogsLogging CampLumber MillYes
MeatRanch (Cattle), Ranch (Pig), Factory Ranch (Cattle), Factory Ranch (Pig)Cannery (with High Pressure Canner upgrade)Yes
MilkRanch (Sheep), Ranch (Goat), Factory Ranch (Sheep), Factory Ranch (Goat)CreameryYes
NickelMine (Nickel), Automated Mine (Nickel), Waste Treatment Facility (with Scrapheap Scrounging upgrade)Weapons FactoryNo*
OilOil Well, Oil RigPlastics Plant, Pharmaceutical CompanyNo
PharmaceuticalsPharmaceutical CompanyYes
PineapplePlantation (Pineapple), Hydroponic Plantation (Pineapple)Cannery, JuiceryYes
PlanksLumber MillShipyard, Furniture FactoryYes
PlasticsPlastics PlantFurniture Factory (with Casting Molds upgrade), Electronics FactoryYes
RubberPlantation (Rubber), Hydroponic Plantation (Rubber), Waste Treatment Facility (with Scrapheap Scrounging upgrade)Car CompanyYes
RumRum DistilleryYes
ShellfishFishermen’s Wharf (with Fishing Dredge upgrade), Fish Farm (Shellfish)Yes
SteelSteel MillShipyard (with Welding Plant upgrade), Weapons Factory, Car CompanyNo
SugarPlantation (Sugar), Hydroponic Plantation (Sugar)Rum Distillery, Chocolate Factory (in Sweet Chocolate work mode), Pharmaceutical Company (in Powerful Placebos work mode)Yes
TobaccoPlantation (Tobacco), Hydroponic Plantation (Tobacco)Cigar FactoryYes
UraniumMine (Uranium), Automated Mine (Uranium), Waste Treatment Facility (with Scrapheap Scrounging upgrade)No*
WeaponsWeapons FactoryNo
WoolRanch (Sheep), Ranch (Llama), Factory Ranch (Sheep), Factory Ranch (Llama)Textile MillYes

*Only renewable in trace amounts through Scrapheap Scrounging.

By building

Food & Resources

Coconut HarvesterCoconuts
Logging CampLogs
Fishermen’s WharfFish
– with Fishing Dredge upgradeFish, Shellfish
– BananaBanana
– CocoaCocoa
– CoffeeCoffee
– CornCorn
– CottonCotton
– PineapplePineapple
– RubberRubber
– SugarSugar
– TobaccoTobacco
– CattleMeat, Hides
– CrocodileLeather
– GoatMilk
– LlamaWool
– PigMeat
– SheepWool, Milk
– AluminiumAluminium
– CoalCoal
– GoldGold
– IronIron
– NickelNickel
– UraniumUranium
Oil Well / RigOil
Fish Farm
– FishFish
– ShellfishShellfish
Hydroponic Plantation
– BananaBanana
– CocoaCocoa
– CoffeeCoffee
– CornCorn
– CottonCotton
– PineapplePineapple
– RubberRubber
– SugarSugar
– TobaccoTobacco
Factory Ranch
– CattleMeat, HidesCorn
– CrocodileLeatherFish
– GoatMilkCorn
– LlamaWoolCorn
– PigMeatCorn
– SheepWool, MilkCorn
Automated Mine
– AluminiumAluminium
– CoalCoal
– GoldGold
– IronIron
– NickelNickel
– UraniumUranium


Lumber MillPlanksLogs
Rum DistilleryRumSugar
CanneryCanned GoodsPineapple / Fish
– with Flash Freezer upgradeCanned GoodsPineapple / Fish / Coffee
– with High Pressure Canner upgradeCanned GoodsPineapple / Fish / Meat
– with Flash Freezer and High Pressure Canner upgradesCanned GoodsPineapple / Fish / Coffee / Meat
Cigar FactoryCigarsTobacco
– with Welding Plant upgradeBoatsPlanks / Steel / Aluminium
Steel MillSteelCoal, Iron
Textile MillClothWool
Weapons FactoryWeaponsSteel, Nickel
Chocolate Factory
– in Dark Chocolate work modeChocolateCocoa
– in Sweet Chocolate work modeChocolateCocoa, Sugar
Furniture FactoryFurniturePlanks
– with Casting Molds upgradeFurniturePlanks / Plastics
Jewelry WorkshopJewelryGold
Plastics PlantPlasticsOil
– with Bio-Polymer Fabrication Facility upgradePlasticsCorn
Car CompanyCarsSteel, Rubber
Electronics FactoryElectronicsPlastics, Gold
Fashion CompanyApparelLeather / Cloth
– in Haute Couture work modeApparelLeather, Cloth
Pharmaceutical CompanyPharmaceuticalsOil
– in Powerful Placebos work modePharmaceuticalsSugar
JuiceryJuiceBanana / Pineapple
– with Nut Cracker upgradeJuiceBanana / Pineapple / Coconuts
Waste Treatment Facility
– with Scrapheap Scrounging upgradeAluminium, Rubber, Uranium, Nickel

It’s end. I hope “Tropico 6: Guide to Resources” helps you. Feel free to contribute the topic. If you have also comments or suggestions, comment us.

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