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Truberbrook Walkthrough and Achievement Guide

This is a video walkthrough in english for Truberbrook. This guide relies heavily on videos so text part is not so descriptive.

Truberbrook Walkthrough

Video #1

Use gutter drain and take key. Use tool box to get cutters. Use key on the door and go inside. Look at the painting next to door and after that use it. Use the fuse and cut the cable with cutters. Take empty cup and take postcard. Go outside and use empty cup on the freezer. Use cup on the motorbike and after that use gas pump. Use motorbike. Go right and when you are at the town go inside inn. Talk with Gretchen.and after that ring the bell again. Follow trail until you are talking with Gretchen.again. Talk with Gretchen.

Video #2

Take cardboard box from the ground. Go to town and talk with Baron Von Sulz and learn about wobbling table. Go inside Waldeslust and take coaster. Fiddle with TV and talk with Leni. Use dictaphone on Leni. Look at the Roast and take maggot out of it. Take cheese skewers from the table. Take fish can from the floor. Go to your room and take towels. Roll mat on the floor and check loose plank. Check under the bed. Check inside closet and take hanger. Check out of the window and take hanger. Go back to downstairs and check fishing rods. Give Massage rod to innkeeper as a deposit. Talk with innkeeper and order a beer. Drink beer and take coaster from the floor.

Video #3

Go outside and use coasters on the wobbly table. Talk with Baron Von Sulz and learn about Klaus the missing cat (fox). Go left and take reeds. Use towels on the rowboat. Shoots Klaus and try to take him. Fish in the lake and take can opener and fishing rod. Go to right and give Klaus fish can and try to catch him after with cardboard box. Throw can opener on the armor and wear it. Go up to cable cars and connect cables. Go up to cliff again and take Klaus. Go to town and give Klaus to Baron Von Sulz. Talk with Baron about everything and ask for cable car keys. Go up to cable cars again and use key on the cable car. Use hangers on the cables. Click yourself 3 times to wake up. Check ladder and use skeleton. Use shower curtains and after that use shower handle. Use ladder on the air duct and after that use coin on the air duct. Use ladder and go to administration room. Take Tinfoil from the grill.

Video #4

Go back to main lobby and take lamp from the floor. Go back to your room via air duct. Repair fuse with aluminum foil and use lamp on the writing in the shower wall. Look at the writing and go through air duct again. Use combination on the safe. Answer to doctor (I do not know if there is wrong answers but these in the video seems to work). Take key from the wall and leave to main lobby. Use key on the padlock. Take chain and use it on the shed door. Take cogwheel and use cable car control. Take flammable propane from the shed. Look at the debris and take hard hat. Take belt next to a tent. Use cogwheel on the mine cart. Use propane and belt on the mine cart. Use mine cart. Take pick axe and use it on the cogwheel. Kick mine cart three times. Use cog wheel on the valve and use it. Use pick axe on the pipe. Use pick axe on the stalactite. Use mine cart and when you arrive to another side go in.

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Video #5

Look pictures in the wall in this order: 1.Cave paintings 2. Hieroglyphs 3. Latin inscription 4.Runes 5.Graffiti. Now use the gate controls. Use panel to get light. Take bottle and use it on the solar system. Take RAM module from the table. Use the door and after that open computers hatch. Insert ram module in the computer and tell the voice that you don’t see them. Talk with Barbarossa 2000 and ask if he is not getting lonely etc. Open smoking computer shaft and tell Barbarossa 2000 that he knows you.

Video #6

Take empty jar. Go downstairs and take “stew” from the table and give fishing pole back to Trude. Go outside and talk with everyone. Buy roasted almonds from girl outside. Go to left and take lottery ticket from the ground. Call murder of crows by using whistle on the tree. Feed crows almonds. Look at the lamp post and kick it. Use empty jar on the fireflies. Go back to fair and give lottery girl a lottery ticket. Call crows to the TV antenna. Go talk with Baron Von Sulz and trade cat food to hiking boots.

Video #7

Go to cliff where the cable cars are supposed to be. Talk with woman in there until you get dialogue options. Ask about raffle and exchange your hiking boots to snuff tobacco. Go back to town and talk with sailor. Ask about raffle from him and exchange snuff tobacco to ticket. Go left and check floating device shaped like Pteranodon. Check out the paddle boat. Talk with woman in the booth about paddle boat. Go left in the woods and take trash can lid from the ground. “Talk” to tree and whistle something. Climb up and take apple from the tree. Climb up and talk with Lessing about everything. Take blades from the windmill and go to where paddle boat is. Use “stew” on the paddle boat and after that use blades of the windmill on the paddle boat. Use paddle boat and after that check out the corpse. Take boots and key from the corpse. Use glowing spot and go back to woods where Lessing lives. Talk with woman and she will give you vitamins. Go back to town and use vitamins on high striker.

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Video #8

Go in the guest house and open the door with key. Take trash can lid, malt and yeast. Look at the note (I didn’t do this and had to go back) and after that distillery. Look at the burner and go talk with Trude. Ask Trude about light. Go to swamp and use trash can lids and boots on the water. Take mushrooms and go back to the cellar of the guest house. Light the burner and use items in this order on the distillery: 1. apple 2. malt. 3. yeast 4. mushrooms. Take alcohol and after that move to the right. Go to weather station and try to take shovel from the ground. Use vitamins on the shovel and talk with Madonna. Look at the helium and try to use it on the flotation device. Talk with Madonna about helium and agree to help her. Go to town and give alcohol to musician. Take accordion and go inside guest house.
Video 9

Video #9

Talk with Trude about telegram. Right answers to numbers are: 07204, 10433, 22608, 40018, 18109, 00030, 04103. Go back to weather station and talk with Madonna agree to help her more. Go to swamp and use screwdriver on the weather station. Use shovel on the glowing spot on the ground. Use lead trophy on the meteorite. Go to shore and use screwdriver on the station. Go to cliff and use screwdriver on the weather station. Go back to Madonna and talk to her about data. Use floating device on the helium. Go to guest house and use screwdriver on the TV. Take Braun tube out of the TV. Go upstairs and use all of the components on the quantum discriminator.

Try to talk with Barbarossa and after that use left mainframe. Go inside and after Gretchen is done talking use quantum discriminator on the portal. Use projection next to controls and use controls. Use quantum discriminator on the portal and use projection next to portal. take all the portal pieces you can. Use quantum discriminator on the portal and use projection far left. take all the portal pieces you can.Use quantum discriminator on the portal and use projection next to controls and use mainframe on the left (Take note on the path that Barbarossa is taking). Use controls and after that Use quantum discriminator on the portal and use projection next to portal. Use portal and look at the Gretchen statue. Poke Gretchen statue and after that use quantum discriminator to Gretchen until she is in the path of Barbarossa. Use left mainframe.

Truberbrook Achievements

On the journey to get all achievements.

Story Related Achievements

  • The Lazarus Incident: Finish the Prologue.
  • Welcome to Trüberbrook: Finish Chapter One.
  • Paradiso: Finish Chapter Two.
  • The Tannhauser Gate: Finish Chapter Three.
  • Ode to Klaus: Save Klaus.
  • …Then I’ll Make You Mine: Attend the concert.
  • Transdimensional Homesick Blues: Finish Chapter Four.
  • Live Together, Die Alone: Finish the Game, Part I.
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  • Beverly: Record 10 dictaphone entries.
  • Wrapped in Plastic: Record 15 Dictaphone Entries.
  • The Foxes Are Not What They Seem: Record 20 Dictaphone Entries.
  • The Lonesome Foghorn Blows: Record 25 Dictaphone Entries.
  • Every Day, Once a Day, Give Yourself a Present: Record 30 Dictaphone Entries.

Hint: Some items change during the game and hans records a second message.

  1. Auto on arrive at busstop (prologue)
  2. Auto on marketplace
  3. Manual cinema
  4. Auto after robbery
  5. Auto out of hotel
  6. Auto at the gondola
  7. Manual cable car (now chapter 1) @cable car
  8. Manual mountains @ gondola
  9. Manual gretchen
  10. Manual broken cable
  11. Manual yellow phone booth
  12. Manual hexagram
  13. Manual buffet 1 @ pension
  14. Manual buffet 2
  15. Manual leni girls secret
  16. Manual guest house sign @ market place
  17. Manual smashed armor
  18. Auto wake up in sanatorium (now chapter 2)
  19. Auto mine entrance (now chapter 3)
  20. Manual tent
  21. Auto stranded @cave
  22. Manual model planet system
  23. Manual phone booth (again) @ cable car
  24. Manual hexagon (again)
  25. Manual trash dump @ treehouse
  26. Manual crows @lake
  27. Auto @swamp
  28. Manual dinosaur skeleton
  29. Manual dead brother of trude
  30. Auto cellar @guesthouse
  31. Manual mushrooms @swamp
  32. Auto @weather station
  33. Manual weather station
  34. Auto last entry in front of portal (only when going through portal)

Peoples Stories

  • The Patron of Trüberbrook: Listen to the Baron’s Story.
  • Family Business: Listen to Trude’s Story.
  • Mr Universe: Listen to Lazarus’ Story.
  • Road Trip: Listen to Gretchen’s Story.
  • Rabbit Hole: Listen to Lessing’s Story.
  • Norwegians Call You Lars: Listen to the Sailorman’s Story.
  • Insight: Listen to the Alpinist’s Story.
  • 16 Years, 304 Days and 9 Hours: Listen to Barbarossa’s Story.
  • The Star Cybernetician: Listen to Leni’s Story.
  • Partly Cloudy: Listen to Madonna’s Story.


  • Future Imperfect: Make a wish – throw your coin into the water of the cave.
  • Papers, please!: Read all the newspapers – hotel with gretchen, hotel day after, sanatorium, control station, tree house, hotel cellar?
  • Beardy Type: Tell Trude about Heinz – you will find him after getting access to swamp and taking yellow boots and the key
  • Hraban: Send Crows to 6 Different Spots – 3x market place (antenna / dish, cinema, bucket), tree at the lake, dinosaur in the swamp, under the treehouse.

Hint: I think some achievements need a second gaming session.


  • Hans Tannhauser’s Final Repose: maybe convince the sanatorium guy that you are an alien
  • Meteor Police: throw the coin into the looking-glass instead of the water in the cave
  • Open, Sesame!
  • A Matter of Perspective: maybe click the marks in the cave in opposite order (new to old)?
  • You Remind me Today of a Small Mexican Chihuahua: 35 dictaphones? i found 32 entries on first playthrough
  • Dull Trumps: some different answer when talking with lazarus about the card-game?
  • Gotta Light?: get key to cellar, but dont have the jar with firefly? Or use the rockets during the concert on a special object?
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