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Two Point Campus Campus Capacity Guide

Two Point Campus Campus Capacity Guide

The theoretical max Campus Capacity is 300 students.

But why does the student intake get reduced when the campus is still far from having 300 students?

Tips and tricks...

Tips and tricks...

It’s because the game anticipates the number of students when courses reach their max duration. For example, Scientography course has a duration of 3 years so if you set it during the first year to get 60 students it will eat from the max capacity : 60 students x 3 years = 180 students

If you add for example another 3 years course like Robotics with 60 students, the max number of students will increase by 180 again and reach 360. It goes over the 300 students capacity so the game will display the red exclamation mark on the student intake number and tell you it will be reduced to avoid exceeding campus capacity.

One of the issues however is that the UI doesn’t properly refresh so the red exclamation mark may remain when changing the intake or suddenly appear even though you aren’t yet at max capacity. To properly update the UI you usually need to press the “Confirm” button on the course management screen to close it then reopen it.

That being said, it’s still possible to get a bit more than 300 students for example after several years when you have all courses enabled in a campus. I am not sure if it’s intended or if it’s because of a rounding/calculation issue because courses don’t have the same duration.

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Campus buildable area

In case you are looking for the biggest campus in the game, here is how many tiles there are in each mission. Note that it isn’t 100% precise since doors take some space and some plots require more than one door. Some plots also don’t allow to place a door “outside the plot area” so you need to remove at least 2 tiles to add a door. It’s still accurate enough.

  • Freshleigh Meadows = 2 533 tiles
  • Piazza Lanatra = 6 392 tiles
  • Mitton University = 9 464 tiles
  • Noblestead = 6 673 tiles
  • Spiffinmoore = 5 205 tiles
  • Fluffborough = 4 998 tiles
  • Pebberley Ruins = 6 067 tiles
  • Upper Etching = 7 344 tiles
  • Blundergrad = 6 529 tiles
  • Urban Bungle = 6 349 tiles
  • Breaking Point = 4 994 tiles (+ some extra tiles outside on the beach)
  • Two Point University = 7 663 tiles

Mitton University is the biggest campus by far and great as a sandbox. It has 9 plots but they are all connected so it’s possible to have 1 giant single building if you want. Note however that if you play the mission in sandbox in Creative mode or in Custom mode with all plots unlocked as soon as the mission starts, you can’t have a single building expanding in other plots for some reason. In this situation each plot acts as an independent plot that can’t be “connected” which is annoying.

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Two Point University only has 1 plot so it doesn’t suffer from this issue and has a big amount of tiles making it also a good sandbox campus.

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