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Two Point Campus Staff Specialization Guide

Two Point Campus Staff Specialization Guide

In TPC, each employee can learn up to 3 qualifications/skills. The level of each of these skills can be increased up to 10. Obviously each of these qualifications can help make employees much more efficient. However, the main downside is that each time a training is completed, the trained employee will expect a higher salary. Training also takes time and costs money.

As we saw in the “No pay raise strategy” chapter, it’s entirely possible to never increase the salary of employees. In that case it’s possible to give each employee 3 level 10 skills without worrying about extra monthly cost.

Keep in mind it’s overkill though and the game can easily be completed without having any skill higher than level 5. So skills I will recommend below will mostly be divided in 2. The “Ultimate” builds are only recommended if you don’t raise the pay of your employees. The “Optimal” builds are the ones I would recommend if you let employees have pay raise and just want to complete main objectives.

Regarding common skills, “Aerodynamics” increases movement speed. It can help employees move around faster but is mostly useful for janitors since they spend most of their time moving through the campus. For other employees, its effect is really marginal. It can be useful during breaks but they are usually very short. In the case of teachers they usually enter classrooms before students anyway so moving faster doesn’t help that much.

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“Happy Thoughts” is rarely useful because currently happiness is never or very rarely an issue for employees. There are also a lot of other ways to improve happiness like adding items which will also affect students so this skill right now seems almost useless. It could have some hidden effects though so more tests are needed.

“Comic Timing” has a chance to give a buff to students that boosts their entertainment and happiness so it can be useful especially when a mission objective is to keep students happy. Note that this skill doesn’t seem to trigger in the library at all when an assistant has it.

For all employees, specialization is important and in most cases they will be more efficient if they take care of only one specific task. There is no reason for example to have an assistant with Library Management work at the Student Union when another assistant can manage it instead.

For teachers, leveling up the course qualification is very important as expected to improve their teaching skill stat. It’s also necessary to have a course skill in order to research projects related to this specific course.

Regarding the Private Tuition skill, it “only” increases the teaching skill by 5% per level while course skills increase it by 10% per rank. However, both skills stack so getting the Private Tuition skill after getting 10 level in the course skill can boost the teaching skill of your employee even further. It’s also cheaper than course skills and if used with 2 course skills it’s faster to level up this skill rather than the course skills.

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All Class RoomsUltimate build:
10 course skill + 10 Inspirational Speaking + 10 Comic Timing

Optimal build:
5 course skill

Private Tuition RoomUltimate build:
10 course skill + 10 Private Tuition + 10 Comic Timing

Optimal build:
5 course skill

If the teacher isn’t too busy and takes care of tuition for 2 courses

Ultimate build:
10 course skill + 10 Private Tuition + 10 other course skillOptimal build:
1 course skill + 5 Private Tuition + 1 other course skill

Research RoomUltimate build:
1 course skill + 10 Research (+ 1 other course skill)

Optimal build:

1 course skill + 5 Research (+ 1 other course skill)

“Pastoral Care” and “First Aid” skills both speed up how long it takes to “cure” students. Without leveling these skills, it’s a very long process and one of the reasons these rooms can have long queues sometimes.


Student Union
Ultimate build:
10 Comic Timing + 10 Aerodynamics + 10 Happy Thoughts

Optimal build:
5 Comic Timing

LibraryUltimate build:
10 Aerodynamics + 10 Library Management + 10 Happy Thoughts

Optimal build:
5 Library Management

Medical OfficeUltimate build:
10 Comic Timing + 10 First Aid + 10 Aerodynamics

Optimal build:
5 First Aid

Pastoral SupportUltimate build:
10 Comic Timing + 10 Pastoral Care + 10 Aerodynamics

Optimal build:
5 Pastoral Care

MarketingUltimate build:
10 Aerodynamics + 10 Marketing + 10 Happy Thoughts

Optimal build:
5 Marketing

“Security” can be leveled up because invaders have a level that seems to increase depending on the campus level. When “Security” level is lower than the level of an invader, there is a chance for the process to get rid of them to fail. In that case the janitor needs to start firing (watering ?) at the invader once again. I didn’t test it extensively but that’s what I observed so far. In some campus, there is no invader event at all so no need to teach security to janitors in this case.

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Because janitors don’t depend on students or a fixed schedule at all, it’s much easier to train them to higher levels.


(1 or 2 per university)
Ultimate build:
10 Aerodynamics + 10 Mechanics + 10 Maintenance

Optimal build:
5 Mechanics

Maintenance and SecurityUltimate build:
10 Aerodynamics + 10 Maintenance + 10 Security

Optimal builds:
5 Aerodynamics + 5 Maintenance
5 Aerodynamics + 5 Security

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