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Two Point Hospital – Illnesses, Incidents and Training


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Every now and then, you’ll receive an email with a blue light on it, and these are incidents. They are major events, like an accident or people running away and needing help, and will test your hospital’s services within a set timeframe.

If you successfully cure the majority of the patients, you’ll receive a bonus to your reputation, Kudosh and money. If you do not cure most of them, you’ll either get nothing, or you’ll get a slight ding to your reputation. Keep in mind that, since some cures take longer than others (such as Jest Infection), having only one room dedicated to that cure may not be enough, especially if the patients get hung up somewhere (bathroom, for example), or the doctor in charge goes on break or has a negative trait like falling asleep, which wastes time.

Some of the incidents you may face are:

  • Curing 7 patients with Jest Infection within 90 days

Illnesses (W.I.P)

Boggled Mind
Cured with: Psychiatry

Cured with: Pharmacy

Freudian Lips
Cured with: Psychiatry

Grey Anatomy
Cured with: Chromatherapy

Humerus Injury
Cured with: Fracture Ward

Hurty Leg
Cured with: Fracture Ward

Inflated Ego
Cured with: Psychiatry

Jazz Hands
Cured with: Ward

Jest Infection
Cured with: Clown Clinic

Lazy Bones
Cured with: Ward

Cured with: Pharmacy

Misery Guts
Cured with: Pharmacy

Cured with: Ward

Mock Star
Cured with: Psychiatry

Mood Poisoning
Cured with: Injection Room

Mucky Feet
Cured with: Ward

Night Fever
Cured with: Psychiatry

Cured with: Ward

Potty Mouth
Cured with: Pharmacy

Rock Bottom
Cured with: Injection Room


A few hospitals in, you’ll be able to build a training room, which will allow you to train your staff in various traits. Staff will need to have a free trait spot (out of five), which they earn by being promoted. You can try your staff in any trait, and they are:

  • Bedside Manner
  • Customer Service I
  • Customer Service II
  • Diagnostics
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • General Practice
  • Maintenance I
  • Maintenance II
  • Motivation
  • Psychiatry I
  • Psychiatry II
  • Research
  • Stamina Training
  • Training Masterclass
  • Treatment I
  • Treatment II
  • Treatment III

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