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Two Point Hospital – Level Layouts

This is not really a guide, per se, but a set of google spreadsheets designed in the style of graph paper.

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The intention of this guide is to allow users to create a copy of these spreadsheets to then allow them to design their hospitals without having to be in game.

It will include all fifteen levels as well as a list of rooms and their minimum sizes to aid players in designing an optimal build without wasting funds.


This is a collection of Google Spreadsheets set up in the style of Graph Paper. The primary purpose is for users to copy the spreadsheet to their own Google account and design their hospitals without wasting funds.

As I am adding to this spreadsheet while playing the game normally, the speed of updates will be dictated by the speed it takes me to complete a level.

The Layouts

You can find the link to my spreadsheet here:

How to Use these Layouts

Once you open the link above, you will arrive at a collection of sheets containing a tab for each level.

Switch between tabs from the bottom of the page.

You will not have the ability to edit the original version of the document but you can edit your personal copy however you want.

To make a copy of the file, navigate to the “File” button in the upper left corner and click “Make a copy…”

You will have the option of creating a copy of the document and saving it to your own Google account.

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