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Two Point Hospital – Research Guide


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Once you get to the fourth and fifth hospitals, you’ll be able to build a research room, train a doctor in research, and then research new cures, rooms and items.

Unlocks: Chromatherapy Room
Points needed: 250

Fluid Analysis
Unlocks: Fluid Analysis Room
Points needed: 1000

Injection Room
Unlocks: injection Room
Points needed: 1000

Unlocks: X-Ray Room
Points needed: 1000

M.E.G.A Scan
Unlocks: M.E.G.A Scan Room
Points needed: 2000

Upgrade: Chromatherapy
Unlocks: Colourizer II
Points needed: 2000

Upgrade: Fluid Analysis
Unlocks: Fluid Accelerator II
Points needed: 2000

Upgrade: X-Ray
Unlocks: X-Ray Machine II
Points needed: 2000

Upgrade: Injection Room
Unlocks: Jab Master II
Points needed: 2000

Training: Research
Unlocks: Research III trait
Points needed: 1000
Next unlock: Research IV trait
Points needed: 2000

General Research
Unlocks: $20,000 to your bank
Points needed: 1000
This is a repeatable research project that will award $20,000 at the end of every completion. It is not ongoing, and needs to be researched each time you want the $20,000. Unless you have a smooth research operation going, I find this particular project to be useless.

Generate Kudosh
Unlocks: K20
Points needed: 1000
Like the General Research project, spending the time to unlock such a minor amount of Kudosh is largely unnecessary, unless you’re a few points away from an item you want to buy, and this will get you it quickly.

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