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Ultimate Custom Night – How to Summon Herobrine

Today, I will show you how to summon Herobrine in your UCN night.

Simple way #1

Before you start, be sure to brush your teeth.
Go to your phone, delete everything on it before you start.

Simple Way #2

Turn on your device.
Move your finge or mouse over the UCN icon.
Double click or tap on the UCN icon.
Once in, be sure to breathe.
Start your night in 50/20 mode.
When the night starts type H, E, R, O, B, R, I, N, and E into your keyboard. If you don’t have a keyboard, order a pizza from pizza hut and send it to your house. When the pizza arrives, eat it.
After typing ”Herobrine” into your keyboard, Herobrine will jumpscare you.

And your done!

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